Heads Up for Australian Grand Prix

The start of the 2011 Formula 1 season had to be delayed. The first race was to be held in Bahrain on March 13. However because of the internal political situation Bahrain’s Crown Prince informed the Formula 1 administration that they would be unable to host that race. No change has been made to the rest of the 2011 Formula 1 calendar and the first race will now be the Qantas Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 27.

The biggest news ahead of the Australian Grand Prix is that McLaren have made last minute upgrades to their 2011 car. Those who are familiar with the technical aspects may find it interesting to learn that these changes are mainly to the car’s exhaust and floor. McLaren hopes that these changes will result in an improvement of one second per lap. Whitmarsh of McLaren said, “We have made some fairly dramatic changes …. There’s some risk in that, but I think it was the right thing to do and we’re hoping that risk comes off and that the car is a lot more competitive.” However punters at online betting sites are not that convinced and the odds of McLaren winning the 2011 Constructors Championship have lengthened to 7.00 at Bet365.com.

Detailed Markets for the Australian Grand Prix have also opened up at Bet365.com. The Formula 1 market is not listed directly in the main menu in the Bet365.com betting site, but falls under the category of Motor Sports. Apart from the outright winner of the Australian Grand Prix, odds are offered for fastest qualifier, podium finish and fastest lap. Vettel is the favorite to win the Australian Grand Prix with odds of 3.00. He is also the current favorite for the 2011 Drivers Championship with odds of 3.25.

The online betting site Bet365.com also offers some interesting bets for the 2011 season. One such bet is the Season Match Bet. Players have to predict which from the given pair of drivers will finish higher up in the final season rankings. In the match bet between Vettel and Webber, Vettel has odds of 1.28 and Webber has odds of 3.50. Another bet is the number of season race wins for each driver. The odds are offered in an under/over format. The odds for Vettel winning under 4.5 races are 2.20 and the odds for him winning over 4.5 races are 1.61.

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