Close Call Parlay Betting

"Parlays” are a common sports betting play by many. Before you get involved with betting on sports, you should learn all the types of wagers and bets and how each works. This includes parlay’s and close call parlay sports bets.

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So, a parlay is a wager at sports betting websites that involves more than one team involved. For example, you like three different teams and you like them a lot. Instead of betting them individually, you may want to look at a parlay. This combines all three bets into one. When you do that, you are giving the odds less of a chance to win, but you are also giving yourself a chance to win a lot more money. Each game you add to the parlay, the odds go up considerably.

What’s Is A Close Call Parlay?

So now you ask, what does the close call parlay mean? Well think about it. What does it sound like? A close call means you almost win the parlay. For example, you win the first four of a five-team parlay, and then you fall in the final one. This is the example of a close call parlay.

Now not everywhere offers this, but there are some books that offer payouts for close call parlays. Typically, the only action allowed in a close call parlay, is when you wager up to 6 games in the parlay. A 3-team parlay would not qualify, because for obvious reasons it would be much easier to win.

Potential Payouts On Close Call Parlay Bets

So what do these close call parlay’s pay out? It varies depending on the book you are playing from. It also varies on what teams you elect. Obviously a parlay with nine big underdogs will pay more than a parlay with the top nine favorites in the National Football League on a given Sunday.

In a 9-team parlay, the payouts are typically as followed:

  • If you win 8 out of 9 on a $50 parlay, you could return close to $200.
  • If you win 7 out of 8 on a $50 parlay, you could return close to $150.
  • If you win 6 out of 7 on a $50 parlay, you could return close to $100.
  • If you win 5 out of 6 on a $50 parlay, you could return close to $50.

Conclusion On Close Call Parlays

There is no exact science when it comes to a parlay, and the payouts for a close call parlay. Most of it will depend on your book of choice. As a matter of fact, your favorite sports book may not even offer a close call parlay. In the long run, parlays are not a wise investment in the world of sports betting. These types of bets are typically looked at as a sucker bet. They look so good, but in the end, your odds of winning at online betting were not very good in the first place. The wise choice would be stay away from parlay bets.