Betting On Home Underdogs

If you are looking to make money with online sports betting, one profitable way to do it is the bet on home underdogs. Betting on home underdogs has been noted to bring home nearly 57% of the bets made, according to a professional study. In the world of sports betting, just 32% of bets coming in are on home underdogs.

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Why Should You Bet on Home Underdogs?

There are several reasons why bettors should wager on home underdogs:

People that bet always over value the favorites. For whatever is the reason, the normal bettor loves the team that is supposed to win, and forget to see where the game is being played at. Part of this is the lack of knowledge from the sports betting world.

Sports betting sites always figure on a lot of money coming in on the favorite, and they do a good job of allowing it. They start the opening odds based on these thoughts, and keep the line afloat based on this knowledge.

Lastly, you have a better chance of profit when you bet on home underdogs. The favorites a lot of times will be paying out less money than the underdog, so your chance of profit is much greater.

Home Underdogs Are the Way to Go

So why are home underdogs the sexy pick. There are many reasons home teams have an advantage of road teams. Most of you, if you have any idea of the realm of sports should understand these factors. If not, we will discuss a few:

Less travel – the life of a professional athlete cannot be easy. Sure – they get paid well for it – but still the night in and night out travel would get old. The road team is at a disadvantage due to their numerous traveling ventures.

Comfortable before the game – again, sleeping in your own bed or in your hometown makes a big difference. Typically there is a couple point advantage due to this factor alone.

Lastly, the crowd advantage is huge for home underdogs and home teams in general. The “sixth man” or whatever is a big deal. Playing in front of your home fans and even the advantage of maybe an officiating crew that has the thought in the back of their mind about upsetting the masses is a big advantage.

Conclusion on Betting on Home Underdogs

Betting on home underdogs will be beneficial over time. What you need to understand about this philosophy, along with most other forms of sports betting is – be patient and be calm. Do not get too upset on a loss, or too excited over a win. Be sure to keep the amount you are betting in check. Keep a unit bet, where it is. The worst thing that could happen is after a big loss; to wager even more on the next game and lost a majority of your money – or even all of it. Good luck when betting on home underdogs, and also with any other bets you make!