Usemywallet Betting Online

Usemywallet is an invitation-only e-wallet service that is available to US online bettors. The best way to receive an invitation to Usemywallet is to first sign up for an online betting site that accepts this betting deposit option. With Usemywallet, you’ll enjoy fast transactions, minimal fees, state-of-the-art security and friendly, 24/7 customer service.

Usemywallet Betting Online Countries Accepted

Currently, the Usemywallet betting deposit service is only available to citizens of the United States. It is entirely possible that Usemywallet will add support for additional countries in the future.

Usemywallet Betting Online Currencies and Languages

The Usemywallet website is available in English. Although the site accepts currencies such as US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros and British Pounds, all deposits are converted to US Dollars using fair and current conversion rates.

How to Use Usemywallet At a Betting Site

In order to use Usemywallet at a betting site, it’s recommended that you first sign up with a betting site that accepts Usemywallet. As a security measure, Usemywallet only accepts new members on an invite-only basis, and holding an online betting account is one of the best ways to receive this invitation. Following this, you may contact Usemywallet customer support, inform them of your online betting account and request an invitation.

After you’ve opened a Usemywallet account, you’ll need to fund it through a credit card or online bank draft. Next, you can visit the online betting site with which you’re registered and head to their Cashier or Banking page. Select Usemywallet as your preferred deposit method, and enter a deposit amount equal to or below the amount that you’ve used to fund your Usemywallet account. Enter the required details, such as your Usemywallet account information, as necessary. Submit the deposit, and expect your funds to arrive at the online betting site instantly.

Benefits of Usemywallet

The major advantage of Usemywallet is that it allows US players to fund online betting accounts, which they’re often unable to do using only a credit card. This is because many US credit card companies deny transactions related to online betting for US citizens. By using an e-wallet service such as Usemywallet, these restrictions can be circumvented.

In addition, Usemywallet makes it bankroll management simple by allowing you to view all of your past deposits and withdrawals. Usemywallet is also extremely secure for three reasons. First, all data transferred using the Usemywallet service is kept private through encryption technologies. Second, Usemywallet allows you to only share your Usemywallet account details with an online betting site as opposed to more sensitive financial details, such as your checking account and routing numbers or your credit card number. Finally, Usemywallet acts as an account separate from your checking account. In the extremely unlikely event that the security of your Usemywallet account is compromised, only the funds contained in your Usemywallet account are vulnerable.

Usemywallet Betting Online Website Fees

It’s free to create a Usemywallet account and make online betting deposits. However, there is a 5% fee for funding your Usemywallet account with a credit card. In addition, a flat $30 fee is assessed on all withdrawals.