Keno Betting Online

Keno is a popular casino game that you’ll find in bars, restaurants and casinos. It’s basically a miniature version of the lottery. You choose a few numbers from 1 to 80 and you win money when your numbers are chosen.

100% up to $5,000

Playing Keno

Playing keno is easy. The objective is to predict what numbers are going to be chosen from a table of 1 to 80. Only 20 numbers are drawn each round.

Depending on where you’re playing keno, you’ll choose anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers. You’ll then choose how much you want to wager, which is the same regardless of how many numbers you choose. Then you hit play (or turn your card in if you’re playing live).

You can also choose to play several rounds at once using the same card. Each round will cost one betting unit each. So if you’re wagering $5 per card (round) and want to play 5 rounds, it’ll cost you $25.

Winning While Playing Keno

How much you win in a round of keno will be determined by how much you wager, how many numbers you choose and how many of your predicted numbers are drawn.

In general, the fewer predictions you make, the less numbers you need to hit in order to win any money. For example, if you pick 5 numbers, only 3 need to be drawn in order for you to win. The payouts are small though.

On the other hand, the more numbers you choose, the more numbers you need to hit in order to receive a payout. For example, choosing 10 numbers will often require you to hit 5 numbers minimum to receive a payout. It’ll be a small payout too, although not much smaller than the payout you’d receive for choosing fewer numbers and getting one hit.

The real money will come from having a majority of your predictions drawn. For example, if you choose 10 numbers and 5 are drawn, you’ll receive a payout of 2 units. However, if 8 of your 10 are chosen, you’ll receive a payout of 1200 units. This is a significant difference. The bottom line is that the more numbers you predict and the more of these predictions that are drawn, the more money you will win.

Keno Betting Variations

There are a few variations of keno. The variations are nothing too big or special. But they might add a little excitement to your next round of keno.

Power Keno: Power keno is identical to keno other than one difference. If the last number (20th) drawn hits one of your chosen numbers, your payout will be quadrupled.

Super Keno: Super keno is the same power keno. But instead of the focus being on the 20th number chosen, it’s on the first number. The payout is also 4x.

Combination Keno: Combination keno gives you the opportunity to play several groups of numbers on the same ticket. This will increase the likelihood that you’re predictions are drawn, giving you multiple ways to win on the same ticket.