Hurling Betting Online

Hurling is one of the world’s fastest sports and is played mainly in Ireland. The inherent competition and speed make hurling betting online thoroughly enjoyable. Fans and beginners alike often find that hurling betting online enhances the games they watch.

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How To Bet On Hurling Online

Strategic and educated wagers can make hurling betting online a profitable hobby. Europeans have wagered on hurling for hundreds of years. Sportsbooks often offer the following kinds of wagers for hurling betting online:

  • Outright Bids
  • Handicap Bets

Outright bids are bets placed on which team will win a match. The bettor must wager on a team and be aware of the potential payout. Handicap bets are also known as point spread betting in the United States. A handicap is placed on one team so that the match does not appear to have a favorite. For example, if team A is expected to easily beat team B, then a sportsbook will place a handicap on team A so everybody does not bet on them. Team A will have to beat team B by a certain number points for a bet on team A to win. If there were no point requirement, betting on team A would be the obvious choice. The handicap equalizes the teams for betting purposes.

Hurling Online Betting Tips

An important part of hurling betting online is to avoid losing large sums of money quickly. You can do this by understanding the odds. Odds set at 8 to 1 mean a $100 wager can potentially win $800. 1 to 4 odds mean that a $100 wager could win $25 and a $400 wager could win $100. Be sure to understand these odds so you aren’t disappointed with hurling betting online.

All About Hurling

Hurling is played by two competing teams on an outdoor grass field. The object is to hit the sliotar between opponent’s goalposts. The sliotar is a hard ball about as large as a tennis ball. Players use hurleys for controlling and striking the sliotar. The sliotar can be hit in the air, on the ground or caught and carried for four steps.

Hurling goalposts have a crossbar connecting them roughly in the middle. There is a net between goalposts extending from the crossbar to the ground. Hitting the sliotar between goal posts above the crossbar earns 1 point. Hitting the sliotar between goalposts into the net below the crossbar earns 3 points.