Online Sports Betting 2023

Sports betting is the most popular type of betting online around the world, and depending on what country you live in there is literally dozens of different sports to bet at. I’m currently researching the most popular sports betting online topics in order to provide clear and honest information for readers interested in real money online sports betting.  Also see our pages rating sports betting sites and sports betting bonuses.

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Basic Types Of Internet Sports Bets and Wagers

If you are new to sports betting, it may be advantageous to you to read up a little on all the types of bets you can make. The first and longest standing bet is the spread bet. With this, in sports such as football and basketball, you are making your bet against what the odds makers put as the “spread”. When you bet you are making the wager on your team and whether they are “getting points” or “giving points”.

Another form of betting in sports is the moneyline bet. When you bet the moneyline, you are simply betting the winner of the action. Makes it sound easy, but the bigger advantage the odds makers feel a team has, the less potential return. Moneyline bets can also make backers of the underdog rich over time.

You can also bet on “run lines” or “puck lines”. These are done in baseball and hockey, where instead of just winning the game, bettors can bet on whether they feel teams will win this way. A run line is a 1.5 point spread in a baseball game. If you bet the team “run line” they would have to win by 2 runs or more for you to win the bet. Same thing with hockey and the “puck line”.

Some sports bettors love “totals” or the over/unders. With these, you are betting how many total points, or runs, or goals scored in a game. The odds makers place the total on the game, and then bets can be made. This is the TOTAL amount scored by both teams.

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Understanding Odds and Lines

In the first example, in the National Football League, the Cincinnati Bengals are playing at the New England Patriots. This is a point spread example. In this example, the Bengals are the “underdog” and would have the “+” symbol. If you bet on them to win the game or lose by less than 7, you could win $10 for every $11 bet (-110). If you bet on the “favorite” or the “-“ symbol, and they win by 6.5 points or more, you would win $10 for every $11 bet (-110).

The second sports betting example shows a moneyline bet from Major League Baseball. In this example, the St. Louis Cardinals are getting $10 for every $11.50 wagered. The Chicago Cubs are the underdog in the game, as will be getting $10.50 for every $10 wagered. This is a moneyline game that is pretty close between the two teams. Sometimes you will find differences as much as -400 all the way to +600.

The third wagering example is in the National Hockey League. This is a puckline bet. The New York Rangers are playing at the Boston Bruins. If you bet on the Rangers, you are betting that they are going to win or lose by 1 goal. This pays out -155, which is $15.50 to win $10. If you decide to bet on the favorite – Boston Bruins, they would have to win the hockey game by 2 goals or more. If you bet them, and they do, the payout is higher. You would win $19 for every $10 you wager.

Lastly, this is a “total” bet. The over/under for the National Basketball Association game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat started at 197.5. If you think the teams will score more, bet the over. If you feel they will score less than 197.5, bet the under. Both bets win $10 for every $11 you wager. Remember, overtime games count towards the over/unders as well.

Tips and Basic Strategy

In sports betting, be sure to do your homework before getting reckless and making dumb bets. Look for certain trends, and check the injury reports before wagering. 

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