Water Polo Betting Online

Water polo developed in 1870 in the United Kingdom. Growing in worldwide popularity since then, countries such as Hungary, Montenegro and Serbia currently boast the strongest teams worldwide. Water polo is growing among sports enthusiasts in the U.S. and Canada. This popularity will most likely expand future water polo betting online. Water polo has regular season games and postseason championships.

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Water polo is a blend of soccer and football in a pool. The ball passes among the six team members to the opponent’s goal, which is guarded by a goalkeeper. Water polo games have four seven-minute quarters with two minutes rest between quarters. If there is a tie score at the end of regulation time, overtime periods of three minutes each will play until there is a winning goal. A goal qualifies when the ball entirely crosses the line between the two goal posts at either end of the pool. International water polo games require water depth of at least 1.8 meters.

European water polo has both league games and international tournaments. International tournaments are elimination tournaments that begin with flight play to narrow down teams toward playoff matches. The playoff rounds consist of four-team semifinal matches and two-team finals.

Water polo games are often high-scoring events. However, the point spread is usually very tight. For water polo betting online, tournament matches and point spreads are two means of choosing potentially lucrative bets.

Types Of Online Water Polo Betting

Online betting sites usually offer water polo under Other Sports, since water polo betting online is less common than other sports. Many sportsbooks feature water polo betting during the Olympics when interest in water polo betting increases due to the international exposure.

The three main water polo betting types are Match Bets, Total Score and Prop Bets.

Match bets are outright win bets on the outcome of a water polo match. Match bets are the most common, straight line water polo bets online. Water polo teams in a match are listed with favorite and underdog odds, usually in decimal format. To calculate a winning amount with decimal odds, multiply the wager times the decimal for the payout if that bet wins. Water polo match bets can also be placed on ties for a higher payout, as water polo ties are rare.

Total score bets are over-under wagers. The sportsbook lists a number indicating the combined total score for both teams in a match. Water polo bettors wager on whether the total game score will be over that number or under it.

Props bets may be offered for water polo betting online. These high-risk, special bets vary widely and can include bets like team top scorer or team to finish at the bottom of the league.

Most water polo betting online occurs by making match bets or total score bets. Throughout the year, many sportsbooks accept wagers for a variety of international water polo team matches.