Horse Racing Betting Online

Horse Betting is growing in popularity around the world and is legal in most areas of the world compared to other sports. I’m building a list of research topics in order to make this the best horse betting guide online.  Betting on horseracing has always been a hugely popular pastime, wherever this sport takes place.  Gambling on Horse racing has been popular since Roman times and even earlier and today forms a billion dollar industry.  Learn about all types of bets and wagers, and find the best places to signup at using our recommendations.

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Horse racing is usually seen to go hand in hand with betting and a side industry of horse betting online has been created over time, equally worth billions of dollars more. In the majority of cases, betting generated income supports entire horse racing industries.

Learn About All Types Of Horse Races

There are essentially four types of horse racing that are popular – thoroughbred racing, standard bred racing, quarter horse racing and endurance racing. The sports is popular around the world, with more people enjoying it in locations such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, parts of Europe, South Africa and some parts of the Middle East. Horse racing is also hugely popular in Asia, including Hong Kong, Japan and India.

Horse betting essentially requires a certain level of discipline or technique, beginning with a process called ‘handicapping’ and then continuing on to the actual act of placing the horse bets.

Handicapping involves obtaining all the necessary information about the race and doing some ‘analytical thinking’ to determine how the race in question will be run. The next step is to make a bet by deciding how much to wager. Naturally, it is possible to bet on the horse races without actually handicapping, and without the skill element involved, but this would be the same as playing random casino games.

Types Of Bets And Wagers Made On Horses

With the introduction of internet gambling in the mid 1990’s, it was only natural that horse betting followed suit and the pastime was offered online by book makers.

There are generally three types of basic bet types that players can use in their online horse betting entertainment – Win, Each Way and Lay.

A Win bet is perhaps the most simple of the three and essentially has the player betting on a certain horse to win the race. Online bookies offer odds on each of the horses running in the race, and players then make their stakes. If the staked horse wins, players get their stake back and winnings based on multiplying the odds and the stake.

An Each Way bet involves two separate bets, incorporating a win bet and a place bet. This place bet is known as a ‘back up’ bet and will reward the bettor with a part of it if the chosen horse wins or nearly wins. Some online horse racing betting sites will allow players to make place bets only.

The Lay bet is essentially predicting that a certain horse will not win the race. So if, for example, you lay a horse and the horse wins the race, you lose your wager. The lay bet was introduced more recently by bookies and is seen as the mirror image of the win bet.

A more advanced form of horse betting is known as multiple bets. This is a format used by gamblers who want to increase their chances of a big payout by combining two or more horse selections in a single bet. There are many different combinations involved in multiple betting, for example a ‘trixie’ which is four bets involving three selections in different racing events. In order to see a return on their money, punters have to be successful in two of their selections.

Understanding the odds in horse racing is something that comes with practice, and online horse betting sites will usually provide tutorials or guides to help players understand them. Horse racing odds are essentially an approximation of how much a horse will pay if it wins the race.

Finding Horse Racing Betting Sites To Use

There are a vast number of horse betting websites available online and the majority of them will teach players how to bet on horse racing online. They not only explain the odds, but also provide essential tips so that players do not go into this pastime blindly.

Good online betting sites and racebooks offering Horse Racing generally provide players with convenient banking options, an excellent range of horse races to bet on, usually from around the world, track listings, up to the minute race schedules and customer support. These sites will cover major horse race events on an internationals scale, but also smaller races that may interest a small part of the betting public.

The growth of the online horse betting industry is certainly phenomenal and if the annual returns of this market are anything to go by, the future looks promising.