Betting On Floorball Online

Floorball is a unique indoor sport that takes its inspiration from bandy, a variation of ice hockey. The result is a team-based sport that combines the classic use of ice hockey equipment like balls and sticks with particular rules derived from soccer. Floorball is still a young sport – it was started in the 1970’s. However, the game has enjoyed moderate success in Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic. The important relationship between these countries is that they have all cultivated the game of bandy. The sport’s growth has even prompted the creation of the International Floorball Federation, which includes 49 country members and operates the World Championships.

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All About Online Floorball Betting

Floorball betting online may not exactly be the premier sport touted by online betting websites, but several sportsbook still keep it in their sports roster. Avid floorball betting fans are most likely to see this sport available for betting on European and Scandinavian wagering sites. Floorball betting online attracts the attention of many customers looking to place money lines on the following events:

  • Norwegian League
  • Swedish League
  • Finnish League
  • EuroFloorball Cup
  • Asian Pacific Championship
  • Czech Open
  • World Floorball Championships

As the leagues and events start up, floorball betting sites post up the latest bookmaker odds for all the pertinent matches. The majority of floorball bets are the standard match type where a money line is placed on selecting the correct winner. Most online betting sites that cover floorball leagues and championships go far beyond just match bets. Customers will also be able to perform:

  • Side bets
  • Correct full time score
  • Half time score
  • Goal scorer
  • Handicaps

Occasionally, certain special floorball bets are offered such as a double chance where a bookmaker only offers 2 outcomes instead of 3. This type of wager combines both the win and draw outcome so a customer can win their bet as long as the chosen team does not lose. This type of bet is most commonly found in soccer and hockey. Since floorball is a combination of both sports, a special double chance bet is a great way to win a bet with favorable odds.