Volleyball Betting Online

Professional volleyball is an international sport with teams representing more than 15 countries. Most countries offer both men’s and women’s volleyball matches for online volleyball betting.

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Volleyball betting online has a moderate popularity. However, following the Olympics, online volleyball betting has been increasing since the general public has seen volleyball on the international level. Volleyball fans consistently follow teams and bet on their favorites at top volleyball betting sites.

About Betting On Volleyball Matches

Professional volleyball teams focus on beach volleyball or indoor volleyball. Beach volleyball has two-person teams. Matches in beach volleyball are the best of three sets. The first two sets play until one team reaches 21 points with at least a two-point lead. The tie-breaking third set plays to 15 points. The winner of this set must also lead by two points.

Indoor volleyball uses twelve-member teams with six members in play on the court. Matches are the best of five sets. Each of the first four sets plays to 25 points with a two-point lead required to win. The fifth set, if necessary, will play to 15 points with a two-point lead.

One of the key factors in volleyball betting is home court advantage. The European Leagues have intense contests with passionate fans. According to the statistics of international volleyball, home court advantage is a factor contributing to the success of the team. Being the away team in a setting that has hostile home fans can affect the mental energy and performance of that team. Home and away court placement is a handicap worth factoring into your volleyball betting strategy.

Types Of Volleyball Betting Online

There are four main types of volleyball wagers. Most sportsbooks offer all of them. The four volleyball wagers are:

  • Volleyball Match betting
  • Volleyball Handicap betting
  • Volleyball Total Points betting
  • Volleyball Set Handicap betting

Volleyball match betting is the outright win betting category for volleyball – similar to other sports’ money line bets. A match bet takes odds on the outcome of the whole match. It is the most popular volleyball bet.

Handicap volleyball betting adds point spread betting to the match outcome. The point spread odds handicap the match betting odds for a greater possibility of having a wining bet.

A Total Points bet is similar to over-under bets. Total points betting takes odds on the combined total points of the whole match.

Set handicap betting is an outright win bet on the outcome of a specific set within a volleyball match.

Factor in court advantage, match and set point totals along with team history and statistics to determine the best possible volleyball bets.