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There is currently a form of currency people can use that is digital. It is held and created electronically and known as Bitcoin. It can be used as currency but is not printed or controlled by any single person or group. Unlike printed currency, Bitcoin is decentralized. There is not one single financial institution that controls the network of this digital currency. A Bitcoin can be used to electronically purchase a number of things. Many experts in the financial industry believe Bitcoins will grow and become a more viable form of currency in the future. They believe this technology will be developed develops to solve any current problems associated with Bitcoin usage.

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The concept of the Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The initial implementation of the Bitcoin as an open source code currency occurred in 2009. The Bitcoin is commonly referred to as cryptocurrency. It is credited with being the first digital currency. The first person to utilize a Bitcoin for a financial transaction was Hal Finney. He downloaded Bitcoin software onto his computer as soon as it was released. He received ten Bitcoins from Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin started being accepted by certain mainstream websites in 2013. This included WordPress, Atomic Mall, and others. The first ATM that worked with Bitcoins was installed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2013. In 2014, Newegg, Dell as well as, Expedian as well as Microsoft and others started accepting Bitcoins as currency. The first exchange that officially regulated the Bitcoin was started in 2015 and is called Coinbase. The goal of Coinbase is to have approximately 30 countries utilize their Bitcoin exchange within its first year of operation.

Block Chain
This is known as a shared public ledger. The entire Bitcoin network relies on it. The block chain has been designed to confirm every Bitcoin transaction. A Bitcoin wallet application will calculate a spendable balance. Then every new Bitcoin transaction will be verified to have been conducted by the owner of the Bitcoin. A ledger is created that records every processed Bitcoin transaction. The authenticity of every transaction is protected using a digital signature. These signatures correspond to the sending addresses. This enables users control over sending Bitcoins. Cryptography technology is utilized to maintain the chronology order of Bitcoin use and enforcement of the block chain.

Bitcoin Value
Many types of conventional currency are based on silver or gold. In theory, when a person gives a bank a dollar, they can get back the same value in gold or silver. Bitcoins are based on onmathematics. All over the world people utilize software programs that follow a mathematical formula that enables the creation of Bitcoins. It is possible for anyone to process Bitcoin transactions by utilizing specialized software programs. Individuals who do this will often earn Bitcoins for performing such a service.

This is a way people can make their own Bitcoins. It was a simple process in the past, but currently things have become much more challenging. There are now a number of powerful devices that are mining specific. They are called application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC). An ASIC chip can only be used only to create Bitcoins. The type of ASIC chip used will determine the cost and efficiency of a person’s ability to mine Bitcoins. It is a very expensive process. There have been companies designed to specifically mine Bitcoins.

Growth Of Bitcoin Usage
The utilization of Bitcoins as a form of payments for good and services is growing annually. The use of Bitcoins appeals to merchants because the fees imposed on them by credit card processors is usually under three percent. The drawback is that Bitcoin users are not given refund rights or the ability to initiate a chargeback. There has been a significant increase in Bitcoin use, but the cryptocurrency has yet to become a popular way to pay for most retail transactions.

Obtaining Bitcoins
The first step is getting a Bitcoin is obtaining a wallet application. This is where a person stores their Bitcoins. Different wallets provide different levels of security. A wallet application can be stored on a person’s computer or as an online, web-based service. There are vault services that are designed to protect Bitcoins offline. There are a number of Bitcoin exchanges available. Some are large enough to handle institutional traders and others have very limited capabilities. The best exchange to obtain Bitcoins may be determined by where a person lives.