Solitaire Betting Online

Real money solitaire betting online is finally possible thanks to the wonderful powers of the internet. It may come as a bit of a shock, but that classic single-player card game that people have been playing for decades can now be played online for real money. All you need is a computer, access to the Internet, and a little extra money.

50% up to $1,000
50% up to $1,000
100% up to $750
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If you spent a little too much time playing solitaire at work while your boss wasn’t looking, you finally have the perfect place to put that experience to work. Whoever said playing games doesn’t pay the bills? If you’re good enough, you just might be able to take home a little extra dough by betting on solitaire online.

How Solitaire Betting Online Works

There are a few different ways online betting sites approach real money solitaire. The most common method is explained here. At a typical solitaire betting site, you choose how much money you wish to wager upfront. This is your “fee” for playing. After you pay the fee, a game of solitaire starts just like normal.

As you play your online solitaire game, you are paid for successfully placing each card. The amount you are paid per card depends on how much you wagered upfront. Let’s say you paid $5.50 at the beginning of the game. In that case, you might be paid $0.50 for every card you successfully place.

If you only place a few cards, you might not make enough money to cover the buying fee. But if you place all the cards successfully, you’ll come out way far ahead. It all depends on your skill and, to some extent, the luck of the draw. All you have to do is place 10-11 cards successfully and you’ll cove the buyin fee.

Online solitaire for real money can be found at both skill game betting sites and normal casino sites. Solitaire is a popular game around the world so it’s not tough to find a place to play. You can also play for free at most betting sites if you want a little practice before you jump right in.

The wagering stakes for online solitaire betting can vary quite a bit. We’ve found games that can played for as little as $5.50 and as much as $550. The total amount that can be won always greatly exceeds the amount that you paid upfront. For example, a $550 game of solitaire offers a maximum payout of around $2600. Not too bad for a simple game that might take you half an hour to finish.

Top Rated Solitaire Betting Sites

We have seen real money solitaire betting online at both casinos and skill game betting sites. The experience you get at both depends on the quality of the site you visit. High-quality casinos and skill game betting sites will both give you a great experience. Likewise, poor-quality sites will make your experience more of a frustration than anything else.

If you want the best solitaire betting experience possible, we recommend you visit any of the sites that we recommend on this page. We have reviewed countless casinos and skill game betting sites over the years. As a result, we feel confident in our recommendations. Visit any of these solitaire betting sites and you’ll be in good hands.