Playing Online Poker 2023

Betting on poker games has become one of the most popular types of online betting in recent years. Poker on the internet includes all the popular games and formats that people have been playing for decades. This includes many popular variations such as Texas Holdem and Omaha, plus cash games and tournaments of all stakes.

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A few important topics come up when thinking about poker online, and I’m going to discuss most of them in detail in the sections below. Important poker topics I think all real money players should consider are covered.

  • Online Poker Games – Real money games can be found in all different types and variations on the internet. The most format, Texas Holdem, may get most of the attention, but it is just one of many variants that are played today. A few of the most popular games include Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and mixed games such as HORSE.  These games can also be played in several different formats. For example, people can log on and play in ring or cash games at a wide variety of stakes. Or, fans of tournaments can participate in multi-table tournaments, single table sit-n-go tournaments, heads up, and more.
  • Poker Bonuses – Bonuses have become quite popular in recent years as competition in the industry continues to grow. The basic idea behind bonuses and signup promotions is that when you sign up for an account and make a deposit at a poker site, you are given extra money as a welcome gift. These incentives come in all different shapes and sizes.  Most are given to players as a percentage based on their first deposit at that site. For example, many poker sites give all new players a 100% welcome bonus. At that rate, any amount you deposit at a poker site is doubled. We know of many poker players who have started sizable bankrolls by clearing online poker bonuses.  Remember to clearly read all terms and conditions before funding your account.
  • Poker Sites – This is where the journey begins for all online poker players. Finding a site is the most important part in getting started because the brands at which you play dictates the type of experience you’ll have, for better or worse. Get started by choosing one of the reputable operators listed on our pages and you’ll have a fun and safe experience.  Pick the wrong poker site and your journey will be annoying and full of delays. is dedicated to listing the best poker sites and explaining what to look for when choosing where to play at. There are many companies out there to choose from, so there’s nothing wrong with taking your time to make sure you get started at a top notch option.
  • Online Poker Tournaments – Tournaments get the most attention on television because large poker tournaments are full of dramatic all-in sequences with big money on the line. Online poker tournaments recreate that experience on the internet and actually do a great job in doing so. Even better, the formats arer played at all stakes and levels. Casual players and beginners can get started at tournaments that cost nothing to enter or that only cost a few pennies. From there, the stakes of online poker tournaments go all the way up to as high as anything you would see on TV. Million dollar prize pools are not uncommon on the internet.
  • Poker Strategy – Although poker is often equated with gambling, it is actually a game of skill. It is no accident that you see the same pros on TV reaching the final table of major tournaments year after year. It is also no accident that there are now thousands of players who earn a living by playing online poker.  The key to making consistent money is a thorough understanding of basic strategic concepts. Optimal strategy starts out with pretty simple lessons, but as you move up in stakes and play against more sophisticated opponents, theories can become quite complex and even involve elements of psychology.

Poker Structures and Variations

There are several major types of poker variations that dictate how exactly bets are placed in poker games. For example, no-limit poker allows players to wager any amount of money at any point during any hand. Fixed limit games, on the other hand, require players to place bets of a very specific size.   The four major poker betting variations are explained in detail on the following pages: