Racing Betting Online

Thanks to the internet, racing betting is now a hobby that people can enjoy no matter where they live. Just a few years ago, you had to live close to a racetrack or a racebook if you wanted to place wagers on races of any type. Today’s international online betting sites have helped make online racing betting a popular activity around the world at top rated online racebooks and racing betting sites.

Racing betting online is much like racing betting in person. At any major betting site, racing fans can place wagers on races that take place around the world. This goes for traditional horse racing, dog racing, auto racing, bicycling and just about every other type of racing you can think of.

Horse Races And Dog Tracks

Horse racing betting online – Large horse racing betting sites have the ability to follow every major horse racing track in the world. For the most part, these horse racing tracks are located in the Americas, Australia and the UK. An average online racing betting site covers about 80 to 90 different tracks, so there is always something coming up for you to bet on.

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Online horse betting sites provide the same types of wagers that live tracks offer themselves. At any reputable horse racing site, you’ll be able to place all the same types of wagers that you would find in person at the track itself. The only difference is that with racing betting online, you can do it all from the comfort of home.

We’ve noticed that most large horse racing betting sites also provide their members with horse racing tools such as analysis articles and statistics to help them make smart wagers. These tools can be used to help you gain an advantage over everyone else out there making bets.

The best sportsbooks for horse racing betting online are ones that are large and well known. Bigger racing sites have good track records of safety and are able to provide their members with extra benefits such as tools, tips and bonuses. Additionally, large racing betting sites are known for paying their winning customers quickly.

Trotting Betting Online.

Dog racing betting online, also more formerly known as “Greyhound racing,” is an age-old sport that has been closely associated with betting for a long time. Dog racing betting is on a bit of a decline today but there are still plenty of people who attend races and place real money bets on the outcome.

Online dog racing betting is comparable to doing it in person. At an online greyhound racing site, you can place real money wagers just like you would at the track. All the same types of bets are available online and getting started is easy. All you need is an account and a little money to wager and you are ready to go.

The only downside to dog racing betting online is that there aren’t a ton of racing betting sites open today. Many sportsbooks provide horse betting and other types of racing, but do not include greyhound racing. However, we have managed to find a few quality sportsbooks that still offer dog racing betting online.

Motor Sports Races

Online auto racing betting is one of the most popular types of racing betting today. With multiple racing leagues, lots of tracks and many drivers to follow, auto racing is always available somewhere. Just about every major sports betting site on the internet offers some form of online auto racing betting.

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Large online racing betting sites follow races from all the largest racing leagues. The most popular include Formula 1 racing, NASCAR and Indy Car racing. Europeans are big into Formula 1 betting, while Americans tend to stick with NASCAR and Indy Car. But thanks to the internet, the type of racing you can bet on is no longer determined by your location.