Jai Alai Betting Online

Jai-Alai has been advertised as the fastest sport in the world, and it attracts fans from around the globe. Fans of the game who enjoy speed and excitement are often naturally attracted to jai-alai betting online. Jai-alai betting online has the potential to make watching jai-alai matches even more exciting and enjoyable.

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Types Of Jai-Alai Bets You Can Make Online

There are numerous wagers for fans taking part in jai-alai betting online to choose from. Some kinds of wagers for jai-alai betting online are:

  • Win Bets
  • Place Bets
  • Show Bets
  • Quiniela Bets
  • Perfecta Bets

A win bet is a simple wager on a player to win a match. A place bet wagers that a player will finish in first or second place. Show bets wager that a player will finish in first, second, or third place. The object of a quinella bet is to choose two teams that finish in first and second place. Perfecta bets require choosing two teams to finish in first and second place and the order must be correct. These are just a few of many wagers available for jai-alai betting online, far less than for example betting on spades which is a popular country., far less than for example betting on spades which is a popular country..

Jai-Alai Rules

At the beginning of a jai-alai match, the pelota is served and must land in a specific area. The players then catch and return the pelota in a continuous motion. Volleying the pelota continues until a player misses or the pelota goes out of bounds. In either of these cases, the opposing player scores a point.

Jai-Alai Equipment

Jai-alai requires little equipment but there are some specific needs. A cesta is used to catch and throw the ball, which is called the pelota. Each cesta is custom-made and hand-woven. The pelota has a Brazilian rubber core, is extremely hard, and lasts for roughly 20 minutes during play. Jai-alai courts have granite walls to withstand the extreme speeds of the pelota.

Jai-Alai History

The game of jai-alai was developed hundreds of years ago in Spain. The first form of jai-alai was played against a church wall with basic rules. The Basque region of Spain is known as the birthplace of jai-alai as well as some of the game’s greatest players. There have been remarkably few changes in the rules of jai-alai since it was first played, so the game is enjoyed today in much the same way that it was 300 years ago.