Backgammon Betting Online

Backgammon betting online is becoming increasingly popular as the internet continues to play a larger and larger role in society. Backgammon is one of the most well-suited games for betting online because the game itself facilitates betting real money on the outcome. In recent times, the internet has seen a surge of interest in backgammon betting online.

One advantage to online backgammon betting is that skill plays a large role in the outcome of any single backgammon match. Luck does play a role in backgammon, but the game eventually favors players who make the best decisions on a consistent basis. If you take the time to develop a sound playing strategy, it is possible to win money regularly through backgammon betting online.

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New backgammon players can also use the internet to get useful practice without betting money on the outcome. All real money backgammon sites have areas where players can meet up and play games without betting real money. These areas are great places to get practice against real opponents without spending a lot on your education.

Backgammon betting online typically takes one of a couple of different forms. One of the most common formats is the single heads-up match against an opponent. You can choose to wager as little as $0.10 on the game or as much as $5000 at a time. Players can be matched against one another by skill so that there are not horribly lopsided matches.

Backgammon tournaments are also popular online. There are a couple different types of real money backgammon tournaments that players can participate in. Sit & go tournaments are a type of backgammon tournament that begins as soon as a set number of players have joined the lobby and paid the buyin fee. Buyins for sit & go tournaments range from $5 to $200 at most sites.

Other online backgammon tournaments have a scheduled start time. Tournament notices are posted well in advance of the tournament so these tournaments tend to have more players. The prize pools for these tournaments can be significant – we see $100,000 guaranteed tournaments on a regular basis.

Having so many online backgammon betting options is a blessing for people who don’t know a lot of other backgammon players. If you don’t live near a backgammon club, it can be difficult to find people to talk strategy and play with. Online backgammon solves that problem by bringing people together from all around the world.

Backgammon Online Betting Sites

Most backgammon betting sites are websites that are designed specifically for backgammon. These are not large all-in-one casinos that also happen to have a place where people can play backgammon. For the most part, backgammon betting online takes place at backgammon-specific sites.

There are not very many real money backgammon betting sites out there, so most online backgammon players congregate at a couple of the largest backgammon sites. The ones that we have listed on this page are where you’ll find the best backgammon betting action.

Many legal jurisdictions classify backgammon as a game of skill rather than a gambling game. This is an important distinction because many jurisdictions have nothing against wagering money on games of skill. The advantage to you is that it’s easier to find backgammon sites, easier to make deposits and easier to cash your winnings out.