Cricket Betting Online

As a sport with 3 different types of game formats, the variety of bets that can be made in Cricket is wide. The game formats for Cricket include One-Day International (ODI), Twenty20 (T20), and Test (5 day). The faster, Twenty20 has continued to grow in popularity since its inception in 2003. The result has been a renewed interest in Cricket in general, and more betting options as well. Even with more betting options available, Cricket is still one of the easiest sports to bet on. Wagers are very straightforward, with a short learning curve.

50% up to $1,000
125% up to $2500
50% up to $1,000
50% up to $200 + $20 Freebet
100% up to $750

With three variations of the sport and so many betting sites that offer Cricket betting, it’s absolutely critical that punters compare odds and shop for the best price. One of the benefits to Cricket betting online is that the odds vary in this sport more than they do in most others. The most valuable Cricket odds can be found at sites with early lines, as soon as they’re posted. So, it’s recommended that punters have accounts at several betting sites, and that they check for the earliest posted odds.

In general terms, betting sites that focus on sports that are popular in Europe, Australia & New Zealand will offer more Cricket betting options than those that focus on American sports. While it’s not a hard rule, if a betting site accepts U.S. handicappers, they probably don’t offer a lot of Cricket lines.

How To Bet On Cricket

Of course the most popular way to bet on Cricket is on winners of individual matches. Money line bets are most common, and generally offer the best value & lowest vig of all Cricket bets.

There are plenty of Cricket tournaments as well, and a lot of punters like to bet on the ultimate winner. These are called futures bets, and they’re offered at every major online betting site. For major tournaments like the ICC Cricket World Cup and Twenty20 World Cup, most betting sites also offer a large volume of prop bets.

Cricket Money Line Betting

Cricket money line bets are the most common bet for all three Cricket variations. They’re also the simplest to bet on. These are straight-up bets on who will win the match. A typical Cricket money line would look something like this:

  • New Zealand: 12/5
  • Sri Lanka: 1/3

In the scenario above, Sri Lanka is the favourite, paying €1 in profit for every €3 wagered. For the underdogs, New Zealand, €12 in profit would be paid for every €5 wagered.

ICC Cricket World Cup Betting

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the most prestigious event for One Day International (ODI) cricket. The event is held every four years, and the betting options are wide. As the fourth largest sporting event in the world, the ICC Cricket World Cup draws a lot of betting action, so the online betting sites offer a larger selection of wagers.

Of course punters can bet on individual matches, as well as the eventual tournament winner. Beyond that, hundreds of prop bets can be found as well. When betting on props, always compare odds at several of the most reputable sports betting sites. The odds and juice can vary greatly, so always shop for the best price.

Twenty20 Cricket World Cup Betting

The Twenty20 Cricket World Cup (T20 World Cup) is played every two years, with the top 12 teams in the world. As the sports world championship event, betting action is heavy for this tournament. Most online betting sites offer a wider variety of betting options for the Twenty20 World Cup than they do for seasonal games.

Bets on match winners, tournament winners, and hundreds of prop bets can be found at most online betting sites.

ECB 40 Betting

Formerly known as the Pro 40 league, ECB 40 matches are 40-overs per innings in length and includes 21 teams. The teams consist of 18 first-class counties, plus the Netherlands, Scotland, and the ECB recreational XI.

Most betting sites that focus on European sports offer ECB 40 betting, with all of the standard Cricket bets. These include money line bets on match winners, futures & prop bets.

Cricket Futures Bets

Futures bets are wagers on the final outcome of a future event. For example, punters can bet on a team to win a tournament or season that hasn’t begun yet. While futures bets can be fun if you have a solid team that is in the hunt late into the season or tournament, the downside to a Cricket futures bet is that it can take a while to get paid. Short tournaments are fine, but long seasons can tie up part of your bankroll for longer than you might like.

For this reason, we recommend keeping your seasonal futures bets down to a maximum of .5% of your bankroll.

Depending on the odds, it’s possible to make multiple futures bets in the same league, and still take home a nice profit if any of your teams win. For example, equal bets on a 3/1 team, and another on one a 4/1 team would turn a nice profit if either team wins.

Cricket Prop Bets

One of the reasons Cricket is so much fun to bet on is because there are so many prop bets available. Casual punters looking to add some excitement to a game can easily find a fun prop to wager on. However, serious punters need to shop around for the best odds & lowest juice. In general terms, betting sites look for a higher vig on props than they do on match winners, so always look for the best price.

Also, since a lot of Cricket prop bets are difficult to win, we recommend keeping your prop bets small, in the range of .5 – 1% of your bankroll.

Some typical Cricket prop bets might include:

  • Man of the match.
  • Top team bowler.
  • Most match sixes.
  • Batsman matches.
  • Batsman match runs (over/under 50).
  • To win the toss.
  • Top team batsman.
  • Highest opening partnership.
  • Team to make the highest 1st fifteen overs score.
  • Race to ten runs.
  • Top tournament runscorer.

Pakistan vs. India Cricket Betting

With a fierce rivalry between these two countries, every online betting site that offers Cricket also offers wagering for Pakistan vs. India Cricket matches. Once again, all of the standard types of Cricket bets can be found, along with a huge selection of prop bets.

With so many props available for Pakistan vs. India matches, always shop for the best prices. Betting sites tend to ask for more juice on props, so always compare odds & vig.