Rugby Betting Online

Rugby is considered to be the forefather of American football. Both sports share many of the same tactics and game principles. However, rugby is distinct in a number of ways. Such distinction and widespread play around the world have made rugby a favorite sport for online betting.

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Types Of Rugby Bets You Can Make Online

Betting online for rugby matches and tournaments is similar to other sports. A large number of online bookmakers offer multiple odds with regards to rugby. Some of the most common rugby betting options for matches include the following:

  • Outright winner
  • First team to score
  • Total points

In addition to betting options concerning a match, rugby is also played in several tournaments. Again, betting odds for those are provided at multiple online betting sites. These tournaments include the following:

  • Heineken Cup
  • Rugby World Cup
  • Rugby League World Cup

Placing online bets for rugby is quite straightforward. Simply select the correct tournament or event for the sport. From there, place the wager for the favored team. So many options are available with rugby that it continues to be a premiere choice among online betting enthusiasts.

Rugby Game Overview

Rugby is divided into two entities: the rugby union and the rugby league. Both are professional and amateur sports, but rugby union is the more popular version of the two. Moreover, rugby union teams feature 15 players, whereas rugby league has teams of 13 players. The sports also differ in terms of tackling and those actions that follow a tackle.

Rugby is a fast-paced game that contains few breaks and continual changes of ball possession. Every member of a rugby team must have the ability to run, catch, kick and pass the ball. Similarly, each player must also be able to defend and tackle. In this manner, team members are always in positions of both offense and defense. Rugby matches are comprised of two 40-minute halves, and only five substitutions for each team are allowed per game.

History Of Rugby

English villages are known to have played rugby, or its predecessor games, as early as the 1100s. Initially, innumerable players could participate on both sides, and thus hundreds of people would take part at a single time. In 1870, students of the Rugby School in England established the first written rules for rugby. Shortly thereafter, all of England, with the rest of the world closely following suit, adopted the rules of rugby as we know them today.