The Best Online Betting Sites for US Players

For many people all over the world, sports betting is something that adds a fun element to watching sports. Whether it is something close to home such as the NBA playoffs, NFL games on a Sunday or hockey from the NHL or something further afield such as soccer from Europe, betting is available for those who want it.

Bookmaking is a worldwide industry, which means you can bet on events both locally and internationally with the biggest names. Our guide to the best online betting sites for USA players shows you the features you need to be looking for when making the decision who to bet with. We look at some bookmakers you will know, and some you may have never heard of before, all with the sole intention of finding the best betting site to suit your personal needs.

It is very important to remember that betting is personal, a site that works for one gambler may not work for another. We explore the features on offer and present them to you, so you can go with the site that offers the biggest number of features you will take advantage of.

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What Features Make Up the Best Online Betting Site?

There are many aspects of a betting site to consider when you are choosing where to sign up. It is important to note here that some of these will be more important to you than others, which is what you use when looking at the different sites on offer.

For example, if banking options matter and you don’t place in-play bets, look for sites offering strong betting options, and if there is a negative surrounding their in-play service, that doesn’t matter to you.

Safety and Security should be at the top of everyone’s list when looking for a site to bet on. Look for a reputable company, one that can prove they are secure and safe to bet with. The site should be safe, as should their mobile betting option if there is one, with the correct legislation in place to show they offer a legal place to gamble.  

Free Bets & Bonuses are a great way to get a new account started. Look out for these offers, which come in many different ways. Some offer free bets while others will give bonus funds to use across many bets, some even come with enhanced odds that you can take advantage of.  

Betting Markets are very important to consider, but even more so if you only bet on one sport and this is a smaller sport. If your sport is soccer, of course, everyone accepts bets on that but if it’s a European ice hockey league, for example, you will need to check which bookmakers offer this league as part of their service.

In-Play Betting is becoming increasingly popular with punters. If you already enjoy this then your new bookmaker needs to offer the same level of in-play betting options, or preferably more. This won’t be a huge concern to some, who don’t use this, but bookmakers do vary a lot with their in-play services so if you do bet this way then make sure you check.

Banking Options are key to some people who are limited with what they can use. Look for a site that offers a range of methods, including ones you have used in the past and are happy to use again. A strong banking range should include big names too, showing that the site is trusted by big money companies.  

Customer Support is forgotten about by many. The first thing to look for is how you can contact the team should you need help. If you place bets at unusual times then also check their opening hours, 24 hour support is key to these people, make sure you get it if you need it.  

How to Find the Best Online Betting Sites for USA Players?

The features we have spoken about make up many of the things you should be looking for when you are searching for a new online betting site. USA players should take note of these, and use them to find a great site.

However, this is all to be combined with your personal needs, which can be used to rank things. Depending on how you bet, depends on what you will see as your main priorities and if there is anything that is considered a ‘must-have’ for your new site.

Those who don’t have these will have a broader range to choose from, while if you have very specific needs you will only have a few sites to choose from. A combination of finding the best sites for a range of things, plus adding in your requirements is how you find the best betting site for you.

Free Bets & Bonuses

When signing up with a new betting site, you can claim a welcome bonus. Most of these will be either free bets or bonus funds that you can use across many different bets. These are a great way to kick things off, they give you free chances to win money and also funds you can use to explore the site while you are new.

Look through the offers for these, you want to find the biggest you can but also look to see if there are any restrictions in place for using them. It is no good getting the biggest if restrictions mean you struggle to use it, in this instance, a smaller bonus that can be used how you like is a better option.

Weigh up the size of the bonus and any restrictions on them to get the best deal that suits what you bet on and how you place your wagers.

How to Deposit Funds into a Betting Account?

When you are adding funds to your new betting account, there are a total of three different steps to follow. These are highlighted below and are all easy to complete which makes depositing nice and simple to do.

  • The first step is to choose how you are going to deposit. Many methods are available with the best bookmakers, try and find one that accepts a method you have used before and stick with that.
  • The second step is to send the funds over. This is done either on the betting site or using the third-party provider depending on your method. Make sure you have a secure connection when doing this to avoid problems.
  • The final step is to check your account balance to ensure the transaction has completed successfully and then begin to place your bets. Most transfers are done instantly so you can check this straight away and begin betting.

How to Register with a New USA Betting Site?

Betting sites make this as easy as possible for players, which is great news if you are completely new and looking for your very first betting site.

Here is our step by step guide to the sign-up process with a betting site.

  • Choose the betting site that matches your needs best, and click our link to go to their website
  • Fill in the sign-up form and give details including your name and address as well as creating a username and password for the site
  • At this point you are asked to provide ID as proof of identity
  • When the betting site has received your documents and approved you, this is when you are free to add a payment method and deposit funds, making sure you take advantage of the welcome bonus on offer
  • At this point you can look around the site and place bets on the betting markets that interest you, using either your own funds or the bonus you have claimed