Dead Pool Betting

“Dead Pool Betting” – Dead pools are morbid but popular betting pools in which the goal is to correctly guess when people will die with odds spread by online betting sites. Celebrities are often used in dead pools since these people are well known around much of the world. However, non-celebrities, businesses and anything else that can “die” can also be used in dead pools or other types of novelty betting online. On this page we have listed the top rated dead pool betting sites.


Now there are a few ethical and moral concerns with betting dead pools online, but we will let you think about that part. We are not going to discuss the morality or taste of dead pools in this article. That part is up to you. Our only goal here is to explain how dead pools work.

How Dead Pool Betting Works

There are countless rules variations at betting sites with dead pools, but the most common format takes place over the course of a year. The participants in the dead pool have a list of celebrities they can pick from and then they try to guess which of those celebrities will die within the next 12 months.

There are a couple of ways that dead pool betting can be scored when wagering online. Some dead pools give only a few points for old celebrities or those with known health problems. These pools give out more points for celebrities that are young and appear to be in good health. The player with the most points at the end of the year is considered the winner.

The advantage of this first scoring system is that it helps prevent everyone from simply betting on the oldest celebrities. The disadvantage is that it introduces a lot of luck into the betting pool and it can be difficult to determine a winner.

A second type of deal pool betting at online betting websites offers an equal number of points regardless of how old or unhealthy a celebrity may be. The person with the most points at the end of the year is declared the winner. The advantage here is that it encourages the players to get out there and do their own investigating to make the best picks possible.

Common Rules For Bets On Dead Pools

You would think the idea of dead pool betting is simple, but certain rules are necessary to make sure everything is 100% fair. These rules can vary from one dead pool to the next depending on which betting site you are playing at, so you will want to check with your dead pool to verify the rules.

First of all, an anti-murder policy is strictly enforced by all serious dead pool betting sites. If you are caught murdering celebrities, hiring people to murder celebrities or otherwise causing the death of celebrities, you will be disqualified from the game – I guess this might go with out saying but you never know.

Another important issue that betting websites with dead pools must address is the question of who counts as a celebrity. Each dead pool must carefully explain who counts as a celebrity and who does not. Some dead pools consider anyone listed in a national obituary a celebrity while others simply create a list of celebrities and let the participants choose from that list.

Other dead pool betting rules are often developed to deal with situations such as scheduled executions, uncertain dates of death, disappearances and suicides. These rules can vary wildly, so your best bet is to check all the rules before you play in a real money dead pool online. And it may also be a good idea to make sure your name isn’t on the list!