Live Betting Online

Live betting is an interesting new innovation that online sports betting sites and casinos have developed in recent years. There are two different types of live betting on the internet, and today we’ll talk about both of those. The one thing both types of live betting have in common is that they both blur the distinction between wagering on the internet and wagering in person.

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In Game Sports Betting Online

Live betting is one of the coolest innovations we’ve seen in the sports betting industry. The basic idea behind live sports betting is both innovative and simple: the online sportsbook sets up a section devoted to a specific sporting event. During that event, sports bettors can place short-term wagers that are updated in real time.

Say you’re watching a baseball game on TV. The bases are loaded, it’s the bottom of the 9th and a big-name hitter is about to step to the plate. If live betting is being offered on this event, you might be able to place a wager right then and there on whether or not your hitter will send the next ball towards the fence.

That’s just one example out of the countless possibilities that live betting offers. Online betting sites provide live betting for events in all different sports. This includes everything from college basketball to international soccer. During the event, you’ll also get live progress updates on what’s happening in your game.

Some online betting sites also have mobile betting that you can use in conjunction with live betting. So say you’re actually sitting in the stands in that baseball game we mentioned earlier. With a mobile phone and live betting account, you’ll be able to place bets on the game you’re actually attending.

Some sports bettors have reported that if they attend the game live or listen to it on the right radio station, they can see the results of certain plays before the live betting options close. This, in effect, has given bettors the ability to place bets on events that have already happened. However, these same people have reported that betting sites catch on quickly and will reduce your betting limits if they have evidence that you’re gaming the system like that.

Over time, we expect to see live betting grow in both availability and popularity. Online sportsbooks have to devote a lot of resources to every live betting event, so for right now you can only find live betting on the biggest games of the day. If the growth of live betting continues at the same pace, we can expect to see betting sites more fully embrace the idea.

Live Dealer Casino Games

In an effort to give players the most realistic casino experience possible, some online casinos have set up live webcams and hired live dealers for certain games. Live betting for casino games has also become quite popular in recent years. It’s the closest thing to the real casino experience that we’ve seen yet from the online gaming world.

Let’s say you want to play a few rounds of blackjack at an internet casino that offers live betting. Once you visit the live blackjack table, you’ll be taken to a webcam and betting interface that uses an actual dealer. You can chat with the dealer, watch the dealer deal the cards and make all your decisions just like you would at a regular casino.

Reputable casinos offer fair games all the time, but some players have stated that they feel like live dealer games are more authentic. Players who are used to standing in front of tables at live casinos feel like the live cam feed is a fair compromise for the convenience offered by the online experience.

Other casino players simply like the novelty of the idea. Advances in streaming video technology in recent years have made it possible for online casinos to offer high quality feeds in their live dealer games. We have to admit, it is pretty cool to see an actual person deal the cards and move the chips around.

More About Real Money Live Wagering

The whole concept of live betting online is still pretty new, but it has already received a warm reception from the sports betting and casino communities. As time passes and more casinos embrace the concept, we can expect to see even more interesting ideas come from these betting sites.

If you would like to give live betting a shot, take a look at our highest rated sportsbooks and casinos. You’ll find both types of live betting at these places. Getting started is easy and you’ll find it simple to bet on sports or play live casino games with real money. Additionally, our highest rated betting sites are known for providing safe, fair games.