Mobile Betting Online

Mobile betting is defined as a form of gambling that players can enjoy using a remote wireless device such as mobile phones, tablet PC’s and so on. Many popular betting sites and sportsbooks offer their players the opportunity to download a mobile betting version of their software so that the games are available practically anywhere and any time. Players are thus able to take part in their favorite games, enjoying all the same promos, jackpots and bonuses as if they were playing online.

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Analysts essentially group mobile betting into five broad categories: Casino games, skill games with prizes, lotteries, sports betting and betting exchanges. Needless to say, these categories can – and do – overlap.  In addition to the websites listed above, we also have top lists for each type of device.

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How To Start Gambling On Mobile Devices

Players should first determine the laws of their country that govern mobile and remote gambling. Once they have determined that this is a legal option for them, the next step is to find a cellular provider that offers betting services. These are usually classified as ‘content services’ alongside other services such as weather updates, news platforms and so forth.

Players are able to find a wide range of betting services on their mobile gaming platforms, but some games are easier than others to adapt to this type of platform. These include slots and blackjack as they require less data transaction between the mobile service provider and the player’s mobile device.

Strengths of the mobile betting industry:

Mobile betting service providers are extremely powerful in the betting industry and continue to show significant positive growth. Many groups saw a 100% year on year total wager increase in 2008. Growth is concentrated in a few limited regions of the world, such as the United Kingdom. In other areas, government intervention has slowed the growth of mobile betting online significantly.

Obstacles facing the mobile gambling industry:

Issues of Trust – Mobile betting operators may have a problem gaining the consumer’s trust, due to the virtual nature of the business.

Regulatory Complications – Some countries in the world, such as the United States, bar most types of remote gambling, while other countries do not have the necessary regulatory frameworks in place to allow mobile betting online.

Payment Issues – While payment processing issues have been solved in the majority of Western countries where payment for online betting services is the norm, developing countries with less organized banking systems may have a problem processing payment for customers.

Age Verification – While there is a growing trend to use age verification filters, a number of mobile betting groups are still developing the right platform to ensure that underage gamblers and problem gamblers are unable to access the products.

Mobile Betting Online: A Case for Growth

Despite the obstacles mentioned above, there is no doubt that the mobile betting industry is headed for great heights, due to a number of factors. The sheer appeal of the concept that gambling can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere means that more people will be attracted to this form of entertainment in the world. The convenience of such a platform means that sports betting customers can enjoy instant betting during live sports events, no matter they may be.

Industry analysts predict that in many markets of the world, all 18 – 35 year old males will own at least one mobile handset, greatly expanding the opportunity for growth.

Customers are also attracted to mobile betting sites because of the discretion and privacy involved. While casual gamblers may sometimes be hesitant to enter a live casino due to the ‘stigma’ involved, they will be much more open to the idea of taking their gambling entertainment literally to the palm of their hands.

Another reason why mobile betting online is growing in popularity is due to the improvement in technology, more specifically the introduction of the iPhone to the market. Intense marketing campaigns have brought to the public’s attention that they are able to use their iPhones for matters other than simply calling or texting. As such, users have started to explore these other uses, and the concept of mobile betting online is thus become a household name in many areas of the world.

Mobile Wagering In 2013 and Beyond

It is clear that the future of mobile betting online looks promising. A number of issues have contributed to this fact, over and above the ones mentioned above. The UK government, for example, has deregulated the country’s gambling industry, relaxing much of the legislation that governs the promotion of gambling services to the public. As such, more consumers are being made aware of mobile betting options and are discovering the advantages of this form of entertainment.

Recent research by the Juniper Research group has predicted that total gross wager for mobile gaming should reach more than $27.5 billion by 2013 (up from $1 billion in 2007).

While the United Kingdom currently shows the strongest growth in mobile betting online (dominating the global market with 52% of all mobile wagers in 2007), it is predicted that this proportion will decrease by 2013 as mobile gaming is discovered by other markets around the world.

Juniper Research shows that Western Europe will account for the largest share of mobile bets from 2010 to 2013.

All in all, the combined gross win from mobile gaming will increase from $192 million in 2008 to around $3.4 billion by 2013.

My Opinion Of Online Mobile Betting

As mobile betting online becomes more acceptable by top, industry-leading betting sites, and more opportunities are offered to players to use their mobile devices to enjoy their favorite casino games, the industry seems set to grow even further.