Novelty Betting Sites

Novelty betting sites are fun ny places to gamble because they come up with some pretty creative bets for their customers. The types of bets you’ll find at novelty betting sites range from things like which celebrity will go to jail next to what the world economy will look like next year. The possibilities for novelty betting are limitless, and that’s a part of what makes it all so much fun.

When we say “novelty betting sites” we are talking about general betting sites that have a section devoted to novelty betting. So far, we have yet to find a reliable betting site that specializes only in novelty betting. That’s fine with us, though, because we have found a few betting sites that do a good job in the novelty online betting section.

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Novelty betting sites also have areas where people can place more traditional wagers. For example, most novelty betting sites also have sections for sports betting, racing betting and casino gambling. Any time you feel like changing things up, you can simply visit those other sections and continue on as normal.

Top Rated Novelty Betting Sites

You’ll find the greatest variety by visiting the novelty betting sites that we recommend on this page. The sites that have the biggest selection are the best for obvious reasons. We also make sure that we only recommend safe, trusted novelty betting sites. There are enough top betting sites out there that you can afford to be choosy.

The best novelty betting sites are also recognized for being quick to pay their winners. If you’re a member of a quality betting site, you’ll never have to worry about getting your hands on your money. If you win, they pay. Simple.

Additionally, the best novelty betting sites make it easy to deposit and withdraw funds. Getting started is as simple as making an account and visiting the cashier’s area. Some of the most popular deposit methods at novelty betting sites include credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets such as Neteller and Moneybookers.

Deposit Methods At Novelty Betting Sites

Novelty betting sites use the same types of deposit methods that other betting sites use. These include credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, cash transfer services and bank transfers. Making a deposit is as simple as choosing a deposit method and then following the on-screen instructions.

Credit and debit cards are among the most popular deposit methods because people are familiar with the process. The only problem with credit card and debit card deposits is that some card issuers do not do business with gambling sites (due to so many different laws around the world). Sometimes these deposits are automatically blocked.

The good news is that this isn’t an issue for most people. But even if your deposit is blocked, all you have to do is pick a different deposit method. E-wallets can come in handy for this purpose. When you create an account at an e-wallet, you can use your credit card to fund the account and then you can use the e-wallet to deposit at any novelty betting site.

Bank transfers and wire transfers are simple methods in which you have your bank send money straight to your betting account. These types of deposits are easy to use and come in handy for large deposits. Direct bank transfers are usually free and wire transfers usually have a flat fee.

No matter which deposit method you use to deposit at a novelty betting site, you’ll find it easy to get started. Betting sites provide simple instructions on the screen and pretty much walk you through the whole process. All in all, you’ll spend less than five minutes from start to finish.