Dog Racing Betting

Dog racing betting is a fairly simple activity compared to other types of online racing betting. Learning the basics of wagering on dog races only takes a few minutes. Learning how to become a profitable long term bettor takes a bit more time, but people do manage to turn a profit at the racetrack and online racebooks.

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Modern day dog racing betting takes place at online sportsbooks or “racebooks”, land based sportsbooks and at the track itself. Dog racing betting online has grown quickly thanks to the spread of internet access around the world. In all likelihood, online dog racing betting will become the most popular format for real money wagers at some point, and the same could be said about online horse racing betting.

The vast majority of dog racing betting involves greyhound races. The sport of greyhound racing is not as widespread today as it was in times past, but there are still active greyhound racing tracks in many different countries. If you want to give dog racing gambling a try, you’ll find the most variety at any online betting site.

How To Bet On Dog Races On The Web

Dog racing wagering is usually connected to major racebooks and betting sites. If you already have an account at an online betting site, you can check there first to see if it offers dog racing betting online. If not, there are a few sites listed here that we recommend for greyhound betting.

Finding a decent dog racing betting site is a bit more difficult than finding a regular sports or horse racing betting site. Dog races betting sites are not as common as other types of online gambling. Fortunately, we do know of a few reputable dog betting websites that provide bettors with a great experience.

Types Of Greyhound Wagers You Can Post

There are several different types of dog racing bets that are the most popular. These wagers all resemble the most common types of bets in horse racing. Here is a quick overview of the bets you’ll see the most often at any betting site:

  • Win Bets – This is a straight up wager on a single dog to win the race. Each dog is listed on the betting sheet with its accompanying odds. Dogs that are considered favorites offer smaller payouts while dogs that are known to be slower offer much higher payouts.  For example, if you see a dog listed at 10-1, it means you can win $10 for every $1 you wager on that dog. If you see a dog listed at 2-1, it means you can win $2 for every $1 you wager. The second dog in this example is perceived to be more likely to win, so that dog has been given less attractive odds.
  • Place Bets – The place bet in dog racing is very close to the win bet. In this wager, you pick a single dog and win the bet if your dog comes in first or second place. This bet is a little easier to win so the payout odds aren’t quite as attractive as they would be for a straight up win bet.
  • Show Bets – A Show bet is a wager that are placed on a single dog to finish in the top three places. If your dog finishes first, second or third, your bet is considered a winner. The final position does not affect the payout – the only thing that matters is if the dog finishes in the top three places.
  • Exacta Bets – This is a bet in which you pick two dogs to take first and second place. You only win your bet if the dogs finish in the exact order specified on the betting ticket. These bets are difficult to win but they offer juicy payouts.
  • Trifecta Bets – Similar to the exacta bet except you choose three dogs to take first, second and third place. In order to win this bet, the dogs must finish in the exact order you specified on the betting ticket.
  • Superfecta Bets – Similar to the trifecta bet except you must pick the top four dogs and their exact order of finish.
  • Box Bets – A box bet is similar to exactas, trifectas and superfectas except they do not require you to pick the exact order of finishing. Just pick the top two, three or four dogs and you’ll win your online wager if those dogs finish at the top.