College basketball betting sites provide the opportunity to place wagers on NCAA basketball during the regular season and during March Madness. Betting on college basketball, NCAA Men’s Division-I tournament especially, has surged in popularity in recent years.

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With smart research and bets not based on emotion or team loyalties, you can rake in some big wins. One of the most important aspects of a college basketball betting site is the makeup of their tournament pool. Choosing the right pool on a betting site can make the difference between a large or small payout.

NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Pools Betting

The most common way for people to bet on the NCAA basketball tournament is the traditional bracket pool. From offices to mainline betting sites, you’ll find people filling out their 65-team brackets to try to predict who will go all the way. Buy ins for these pools can range from something as small as $1 to several thousand dollars. The way you win is to pick the teams that will advance, though the odds are heavily stacked against you to pick it perfectly.

More often than not there is a variation played. You are awarded points for your picks with more points being awarded for correct picks as the tournament progresses. When looking for a college basketball betting site for this type of pool, look at the rules for their point distribution as it can change from pool to pool.

Betting System for a College Basketball Betting Site

One of the best known and easiest to comprehend betting systems is very successful in college basketball betting. In the first part of the system, you wager on any unranked team to beat a ranked team as long as the unranked team is favored at home. In the 2006 season, the system went 38-22.

This is just betting on human nature, that an unranked team playing at home will be playing harder to prove itself to its fans, while the fans will try to create as hostile an environment as possible for the ranked opponent.

Part two to this betting system is to bet against the unranked team in their next game, provided they covered the spread in their game against a ranked opponent. Many unranked teams are often emotionally and physically exhausted after playing a ranked opponent and will falter in their next game.

Using this method on a college basketball betting site can mean a big payout depending on the betting action on the site. Many bettors will try to go for a sure thing with unranked teams playing ranked teams, making the payout bigger for you.

Choosing A College Basketball Betting Site

One important thing to do when choosing a college basketball betting site is to shop around. If you have bets at a few different sportsbooks, you can easily take advantage of differing betting lines from sportsbook to sportsbook. Research is also important. Make your own lines and see how they compare with other sportsbooks. This can make spreads more attractive depending on the college basketball betting sites you use.