Futures Betting Online

Many people, who live and die with the world of sports betting, love the aspect of future bets. Future bets are wagers made on action that will take place later. Future bets are offered in pretty much every sport that the book offers sports betting on.

50% up to $1,000
125% up to $2500
50% up to $1,000
50% up to $200 + $20 Freebet
100% up to $750

The main advantage of making a future bet is the great odds you will get when you place the bet far in advance. When the odds are released, they are at the best. This is when most avid bettors will make their future bet. When you get closer to the action, many things will effect the odds, and the odds most of the time get worse. In the cause of a team winning a title, a key injury could affect the odds, and give even better odds, but most often the odds reduce as action approaches.

Examples of Future Bets

Odds to win the Super Bowl:

  • New England Patriots 4 to 1
  • Kansas City Chiefs 135 to 1
  • Carolina Panthers 250 to 1

Odds to be #1 Pick:

  • LeBron James 1 to 2

Wins by St. Louis Cardinals:

  • Over 91.5 (+115)
  • Under 91.5 (-110)

2010 National League MVP:

  • Albert Pujols 3 to 1
  • Joey Votto 7 to 1
  • Carlos Gonzalez 11 to 1
  • Pablo Sandoval 35 to 1

What these Futures mean?

In the first example, players are getting odds on all 32 teams in the National Football League. We are just giving you three examples. The first team, New England would pay off 4 times any wager you put out there. So if you wanted to bet $25 that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl, and they did, you would win 4x that, which is $100. If they did not win the Super Bowl, you lose your wager. Same with Kansas City at 135 to 1, and Carolina at 250 to 1. As you can see, this is a good opportunity to maybe take a stab at a team you really think will make a splash. When the season gets closer, even New England’s odds will get worse. By playoff time, expect a 2 to 1 odds on a team like New England.

Example # 2 talks about the NBA Draft. This is the type of bet where most people really feel they know the answer to. So this may not be a huge money maker. Even at this, the 1 to 2 odds, would only pay off half the wager. But with the NBA talking about their picks so much, this bet could go all the way to 1 to 5 by the time the draft arrives. This may be a good chance to find someone besides the heavy favorite you think still has a shot at grabbing that #1 spot.

The third one talks about the number of wins a certain team will win. This example is the St. Louis Cardinals. Odds makers are placing nearly 91 wins on the Cardinals. You get a chance to bet two ways: 1. If they will win more than 91, or 2. if they will win less than 91. If you bet over, you could win $11.50 for every $10 wagered. If you bet under 91.5, you would win just $10 for every $11.50.

The last example talks about the National League Most Valuable Player. This is a great type of bet for February and March. Good chance to find a guy that you think will have a monster year. As you can see, the top favorites do not pay out as well, but you may find a guy with sexy odds that you feel can make a run at the award.

Tips to Future Bets

A few tips that are needed when you are looking at future bets: First, take a look at the bet and figure out its true value. Do not make a bet just to have some action. Make sure the bet you are taking is worth it’s value. Just because the Kansas City Royals are 4000 to 1 odds to win the World Series in February, does not mean you should but $100 on them to win $400000. Maybe $1, if you are not worried about where your bankroll sits. Sure $4000 would look sweet for that kind of bet, but be careful.

When you are looking at a team for a future bet take a good look at a lot of factors. Possible coaching changes, draft choices, free agent signings returning stars and injuries will effect a team most of the time.

Once again – be wise when making any type of bet, especially future bets. If you really like something – go for it, but be careful and take a look at the true value.