Making An If Bet In Sports

One fun way to enjoy sports betting online is by using the “if bet” feature that some sports books offer. Players that are new to the world of sports betting need to be familiar with what an “if bet” is, and how they work. “If bets” can certainly help out the bettors that want to make money, but they also can be dangerous if you are not aware of what you are doing.

While we mention they may be dangerous in one sentence, we also say they are a pretty low risk bet. Why they are a low risk bet at online sports betting sites, is because they are only good if the bet before it wins. An “if bet” is a wager on something that is only valid if the bet before wins.

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Example Of An “If Bet” Sports Wager.

Let’s say you have $100 in your account and you want to make some money on a given Sunday with the National Football League. You decide you want to place that $100 on a bet between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. You really like New England -3, and the payout is -110, which means you would win $90.90 if the Patriots won.

So now the “if bet” comes into play. You also like action in the Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers game. You decide to make this an “if bet” play, because it starts later in the day, and maybe you won’t be around to take action on the game. So you place an “if bet” on the Chicago Bears +4.

This would mean ONLY if the Patriots win the first bet, you are betting on the second game. For the second bet, you will have $190.90 to place on that game. If you chose to just place $100 of it on the Bears, and another game strikes your interest, you can do that as well. You can also just place part of it and keep the other in your bankroll. But you have $190.90 as a maximum to risk on the “if bet”.

After the first game wins, and you have an “if bet: for game two, whatever the difference is between what you won and what you wagered will be available for real money wagering on any other action.

More About If Betting

An “if bet” is an excellent way to manage your bankroll. Like was mentioned earlier, you can only lose what you wagered on the first game and won with an “if bet”. For many people, this is a good way to get several bets in, and if you lose one, you won’t lose many. The only negative aspect would be the flip side, when you have a couple “if bets” out there that do not get a chance to win you some money, because the initial bet lost.

Lastly, one last thing most people that bet on sports do not realize ahead of time – you cannot take duplicate action on the same team during an “if bet”.