Betting Picks

Sports betting sites and online sportsbooks offer betting lines for a host of major sports worldwide. Bettors who follow a particular sport have an idea of the betting trends, lines, players and teams that make for more or less favorable bets in a particular match up.

Some players prefer to bet online following a practice of handicap betting. Handicapping is the sports betting practice of adjusting odds between teams to create a more even betting match up.

Professional sports handicappers follow sporting events closely to offer a variety of expert picks on daily games. Betting picks is the practice of using a professional handicapper’s review to form a wager that is expected to win.

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Why Use Expert Sports Betting Picks

Betting picks has several advantages. For online bettors who don’t have a lot of time to spend researching a team or player statistics, betting picks is a timesaving tool. Experts who follow the sports are doing the homework for you, sifting through statistics to select the best choices in online betting picks.

Statistics can also be complicated to read. Sorting through basketball tip sheets, sports articles and abbreviations can provide a volume of unintelligible numbers for a bettor who is unfamiliar with sports stats or sports betting. Betting picks offerexpert attention and a list of top betting picks to use for sports bets and wagers.

New players to online wagering without much experience may be inclined toward using expert betting picks at first to gain a sense of how sports betting works. If experts are picking the bets, there is a degree of confidence that these are good online betting choices.

Following winning trends, reading statistics and deciphering sports information can be overwhelming. Betting picks allow new bettors to learn the nuances of how to choose a winning team consistently.

Betting picks and tips from a trusted and successful handicapper can also be a lucrative sports betting choice if betting enough units to cover the extra costs. Successful betting picks should earn consistent, regular money (note this does not mean every bet wins, but maintaining over a 50% win rate is what we consider a successful handicapping site).

A reliable sports pick website allows bettors to buy picks that are guaranteed to win, but it’s important to note that guarantee to win doesn’t cover your actual lost wager, it instead includes a return credit for bettors who purchased picks that didn’t win.

Online Betting Picks Cautions

Be aware of several cautions in betting picks to ensure the best outcomes. Be careful to read the fine print about whether the picks are free picks or whether you have to purchase the picks list. Reliable handicappers put together picks packages, many of which contain guaranteed picks. These packages have to be purchased to find out the betting picks details.

Free picks are the second tier picks. They are probably winners, but they don’t have the same guarantee to win as the purchased picks. Free betting picks also don’t carry a return credit or money back guarantee if the picks don’t win. Betting with free picks is at the bettor’s own risk.

Choose a handicapper with some years of expertise in the business to ensure the most reliable service and return on your investment. Online handicappers are trying to attract business also, so they offer special deals and power play games.

The old adage applies in choosing reliable betting picks: if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Stick with reliable handicappers and straight betting packages to get accurate winning picks.

How To Bet Winning Picks Online

Betting picks is easy. To get the best return on betting picks, follow these practical steps:

  • Compare the free picks of several handicappers before placing a bet on the picks. This gives a bettor information on the most agreed upon winning picks as well as a sense of how the handicapper makes their picks.
  • Choose an experienced handicapper that has a good winning record for choosing reliable picks. If you can’t find the win-loss records of the handicapper, move on to another one that openly offers that information.
  • Choose free picks or purchase a picks package. When starting out with buying picks, choose a single game package or low cost picks package to get familiar with the system and the handicapper. You can always buy more picks later.
  • Make sure the handicapper offers a win guarantee that has a return/refund/credit policy if these betting picks don’t win at the sportsbook.
  • Once you have the picks list, take it to your favorite online sportsbook.
  • Use the picks list to set your wagers based on the picks. If the MLB picks are for the Boston Red Sox over the NY Yankees, place a money line wager on the Red Sox at your chosen betting level.
  • In the case that your purchased picks don’t produce winning wagers, go back to the handicapper and follow up with their refund and credit process for non-winning betting picks.

Betting picks is a way to enjoy betting on top sports without spending a lot of time researching teams and statistics. Some bettors prefer the guarantee that comes with using betting picks made by expert handicappers. Choose a reliable handicapper with guarantee policies whenever purchasing betting picks for the most lucrative outcome on your bets.