Veteran Leadership in Major Sports Betting Events

Regardless of what sport you are betting on, it’s safe to say that there are going to be a few different things that you should be factoring in to your sports betting strategies for it.  Obviously though, not all strategies are going to be completely different though, as some are going to be great things to watch for in almost every single sport.  This is exactly the thought behind betting on major events when you are looking at a team that has the veteran leadership on their side.  Anything from the NFL, NBA, College Basketball, College Football, NHL, Soccer, or any other sport is going to typically have players that would be considered “veterans” on their side.

This may be a senior in college at the quarterback position or point guard position, an offensive or defensive captain on an NFL, NBA, or NHL team, or a strong goalie in Soccer for example.  These types of players can have a major impact on the outcome of the game, and they can also help you when betting on a major game like the Super Bowl, Final Four, NBA Finals, or any other major event.  The strategy also doesn’t have to directly relate to the point spread either, as you can use this angle for the over/under and the money line as well.  Let’s explain how looking into a team with veteran leadership can be the starting point for a great sports betting angle.

Veteran’s Driven for Title

We’ve all heard the stories about those wiley veteran’s who come into season’s as one of their final years and make incredible runs with a strong team to the postseason, and carry that all the way to the title.  As crazy as it sounds, if the player still has the all-around talent, and isn’t TOO over the hill, then this could be a great spot to start in terms of an angle.  You can’t simply rely on a player who is a veteran though to get the job done, as it’s important to find a player who is joining up with a team that already has talent, but just needed someone to push them over the top.  Heck, they don’t even have to be joining a new team all of the time, as much as the team that they have must have improved from the prior season!

Leadership in the Big Game

Obviously the starting point for a sports betting strategy could feature the angle of a veteran with strong leadership coming into a big game.  For example, say that two teams are coming into the National Championship Game in College Football, and one is led by a senior point guard (or a few senior players) who has played incredibly strong up to that point.  You may not be betting on that team to win the game outright necessarily, but it could be a great spot to bet on a team to have a tight finish with their opponent, which makes looking at the point spread a great option.