Betting Options to Take Advantage of in the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are a sports bettors dream essentially.  It’s a series that features two of the best teams in the entire NBA in a best-of-seven series that features a TON of sports betting options not only for every single game, but also for the entire series as well.  What this means is that while you do have multiple different betting options nightly while the series is going on, you also have some great chances to place good bets over the span of the series that will have some great payouts due to their long odds as well.  Today we are going to take a look at some of the best sports betting options that you should look into when betting on the NBA Finals.

Length of Series

When you get to the NBA Finals there is one thing that is a pretty solid bet, that both teams are pretty good basketball teams.  That means that while you can get some incredibly good odds to bet on both teams to pull off a sweep or to win the series 4-1, it’s probably not your best betting option.  Your safest betting option in this situation is to get on the team that you feel will win the series in either six or seven games.  Obviously nothing is a guarantee when it comes to sports betting (that’s why it’s called gambling!), but you have two teams who are all-in for their lives to get that championship ring, so they aren’t going to give an inch on either side of the ball more than likely.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are probably the most overlooked betting option out there, but the main reason why people tend to overlook them is because they will focus too much on the betting options like the point spread, total bet, and money line bet.  You should ALWAYS look at prop bets because these can be some of the best options on the board.  Typically you can find great game props, but most importantly some strong player props.  Whether the props relate to one players points against another, or the over/under on a total number of points and rebounds for one player, these can be some good options.

NBA Finals MVP

Technically I guess this would fall under the “prop betting” section, but it’s a type of bet that you can get some solid odds on, and you might even be able to get a sneaky pick in.  What this means is that if there is someone who may be a “clear cut” choice for the MVP (like the regular season MVP), going with another stud on their team, or even a player on the other team could pay off some huge odds because of how popular of a choice that one player is.  Look at this bet in hopes of finding a good bet, but just don’t bet TOO large on it.

Overall, there are so many betting options on the NBA Finals that you should give yourself some time in order to find the bets that you like the most!