Betting the Draw in Soccer

If you’ve ever bet on soccer before, you know that the bulk of the times if you end up betting on two teams to draw, that you can get some very good odds on your bet (typically around +250).  While often times betting on two teams to draw is one of the toughest things to guess, there are definitely times where you can find great angles to take advantage of these odds and potentially get down a great bet on two teams who will be going at it back and forth, but the game could result in a tie in the end.  Today we are going to look at the angles that you may overlook, and when to potentially place that bet on the draw, let’s get right into it.

Big Elimination Games in Tournaments

So say that you are betting on the elimination stages of a major tournament like the World Cup or the UEFA Euro’s.  There definitely comes times where you’ll find that teams are pretty evenly matched, and that both teams are solid all over the pitch.  With that being said, you could potentially get very good odds to bet on the two teams to draw, and all that means they would have to do is end up even after 90 minutes.  If the two teams go into extra time then you will win your bet.  Remember though, these two teams are going to be all-in if they are meeting late in a major tournament, and this can be a great spot to bet on the game to go to extra time.

Teams Lacking Offense

One VERY important thing to look for if you find a team who is lacking that scoring ability, is that their opponent isn’t incredibly strong at scoring either.  If you have two teams that lack on offense a bit, then you could end up looking at a game that could be 0-0 at the end, or possibly 1-1 if both teams can push forward a bit of offense.  Regardless though, if the teams haven’t shown much power on offense, but are solid on defense, then you are probably looking at a strong spot to be able to put your bet down on a draw with the solid odds as well.

Angles Pointing to Both Sides

It’s never fun when you are looking at the betting angles for a soccer game, and there are strong angles pointing to both sides of a specific game.  It’s hard to decide who to bet on, and often times the best move is just to not place a bet on the game at all.  If you want to do another alternative though, you could always look into betting on the draw, mainly because both teams have a solid shot to pull out the win.  With that being said, that could equal a draw when all things are set and done, so take advantage of the chance to get the good odds on two teams who are pretty evenly matched overall.