EURO 2020 Betting Tips – Sunday 20th June

Football fans across the globe have long been waiting for Euro 2020. The competition is happening in 2021 after the postponement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During the previous years, one or two countries hosted the tournament. However, this edition of the Euro 2020 occurs across eleven cities around Europe. Group A teams have already played two games and are waiting for their final group matches today, Sunday, 20th June 2021. For football fans who wish to try their betting luck in today’s games, the following tips can help you make informed betting decisions.  

1. Italy Vs. Wales
Italy and wales are in group A and will be facing each other today. In the latest games, Italy has displayed an outstanding performance winning two matches and accumulating six points. The team performance can be attributed to adequate preparation and accommodating young players who have rejuvenated the team. Furthermore, Mancini’s team has tactically defeated other teams by maintaining a solid defense and reorganizing it forward to conduct surprise attacks. In todays’ game, Wales defenders will struggle to control Italy forwarder Ciro Immobile and Manuel Locatelli, who displayed impressive performance, scoring goals in past matches.
Wales was considered the weakest team in group A. However, the team successfully challenged Switzerland leading to a 1-1 draw. Wales also thrashed Turkey, winning a 2-0, placing it second in their group with three points. Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale will strive to score against Italy to allow their team to proceed in the first position. Brayan Christate could start in midfield for Italy to control Bale attack moves, which could decrease Italy’s attacking potential. Therefore, Italy will strive for a win or draw to maintain its first position. A draw for Wales means they will proceed as number two. In our prediction, Italy will beat Wales 2-0. For betting tips, Italy wins 1.45, Draw 4.18, and Wales win 7.35.

2. Switzerland Vs. Turkey
Switzerland has played two matches and managed to obtain only one point from the two games. The Swiss team was held on a 1-1 draw with Wales, though it had better chances of winning but failed to convert its attack into goals. Additionally, Vladimir Petkovic team suffered a humiliating defeat in Rome when Italy beat it 3-0. With only one point, winning against Turkey could allow it to move to the second position and tie with Wales. However, a tie will occur if Wales loses to Italy, and the goal difference will determine the team to proceed to the 1/8 stage. 
Turkey has lost both of its games, conceding three goals against Italy and two against Wales. Senol Gunes, the team coach, previously defended his team performance, citing them as young and promising future prayers who competed against well-established players. Today’s game is the last chance for Turkey to earn a point to avoid matching home with no win from their matches. In todays’ prediction, Switzerland wins 1.74, Draw 1.66, and Turkey win 2.10.

Today’s match will be interesting to watch. The game between Italy and Wales will determine the team that will proceed in the first position. Although Italy successfully beat Turkey and Switzerland, Italy could reduce its attack to control Bale, who showed his prowess during the past matches. Therefore, either a win or draw will enable Italy to proceed at the top. On the other hand, the game between Switzerland and Turkey may not impact group A’s standing.

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