Looking at Improved NFL Defenses to Bet Under’s Early in NFL Season

Looking at Improved NFL Defenses to Bet Under's Early in NFL SeasonThe NFL season is officially one of the biggest betting times out there for sports bettors, and one that features quite a few different betting options week in and week out across the entire league.  Today though, we are going to look at one of the more popular betting options on the NFL, which is the over/under bet.  There are many different options for betting angles that you could use when betting on the over/under in the NFL, and today we are going to look at betting on teams who have improved defenses that may not get enough love early in the season.  A key factor in this, is that some sports betting sites could potentially have the over/under’s just a bet too high on specific games, but we are going to explain what you should look for in spots that you can bet on under’s as great options.

Avoiding High Powered Offenses

Many times, no matter how improved a defense really is, if they get up against one of those elite offenses in the NFL, then they could be in for a shootout almost no matter what.  This is the type of game that you are going to want to avoid early on in most situations, because it could be tough to tell whether the over or the under is the bet in this game.  In these situations, the best thing to do is to play it safe and just take a mental note of whether the defense was able to hold that high powered offense to an under in the game that was in question.

Improved Defenses at Home

If you find a spot where there is a week one or other early season match-up where the improved defense that you are watching is on their home field, it could be a great spot.  Having the crowd on their side against an offense that can do a good bit of moving the ball, could actually help out a lot.  Obviously if the under is TOO low because they are playing one of the bottom teams in the league though, then it may be better to simply avoid the bet all together.  Just be aware that a team opening up their season on their home field will result in players and fans both being fired up, which is always a good thing to have.

Overall, betting on the under is something that is actually often overlooked.  The reason for this is because many sports bettors (often subconsciously) will end up looking at the over bet before anything.  If they do this, then they may simply automatically bet the over without much thought, or just end up moving on to the next game on the long list of NFL games that happen every Sunday and Monday!  Just make sure that you aren’t overlooking the under, and also that you don’t look past some great betting options on the under as well.