Looking at Teams Coming Home From Long Road Trips

In terms of general sports betting strategy, you’ll find that there are some things that may not make a ton of sense or may not always have specific stats to back them up, but are still great angles to look at when placing your bets.  One of these angles that I want to take a look at is how teams will play on their home court, home ice, home field, or anything else after a long road trip that kept them away from home for quite a while.  This type of angle is one that is pretty easy to follow and has some excellent angles attached to it as well, so we are going to explain exactly why you should take a hard look at the team coming HOME and how potentially bad they may play after that long road trip.

This type of angle will include all sports ranging from MLB betting, NBA, NHL, and many other sport that feature long road trips throughout the week as well.  We are going to explain the reasoning behind why these teams typically struggle when getting back home, and why those home crowds won’t always be able to propel them to big time wins.


Obviously this is the angle that stands out above all of the rest, because if a team is coming off of a tough road stretch that featured some big games, or even if they were just stuck on the road for a while then obviously they are going to be pretty fatigued by the team they get back home.  Obviously if they are playing a far below average team then they could potentially still push out a win, but it could be a great angle to look at betting on the road team, or even potentially looking to get a straight up bet on the road team in many situations as well.  Teams get incredibly tired from dealing with ruckus road crowds and never sleeping in their own beds, so don’t be shocked to see a strong team get upset back home after that road trip.

Betting the Upset

In sports betting in general you’ll find that there aren’t a ton of times when you can find excellent angles to bet on an underdog to pull off the win and take advantage of those big odds that you could potentially get.  This is one of those angles though, because if you find a team who struggled in their last road game or two of the road trip and they are finally heading back home, then it can lead to a good spot to bet on the underdog.  As previously mentioned, it’s tough to predict one of the bottom-tier teams to pull off that upset, but there are quite a few times when you can get good odds to bet on a team who is capable of pulling off the upset, so don’t overlook that angle across any of the different major sports!