Looking for Bets Outside of the Point Spread

When it comes to betting on popular sports like the NBA or the NFL, many sports bettors will find themselves looking directly at the point spread and only researching the point spread.  This can be a huge mistake, because while the point spread may be a great betting option in some games, you could potentially be missing some of the best bets that are offered on the board for multiple different games each day.  The options for betting on these games are huge, and they range from things like game props, player props, total bets, and even betting on a team on the money line.  While these are all great betting options for the NBA and NFL, today we are going to look a bit more in-depth at a few of the betting options that could end up being hidden gems.

Game Props

If you are overlooking the game prop betting option, then you could be missing a great spot to make some cash.  Each sport does it differently, but for example, if you are going to bet on a specific NFL game, you could have the option to bet on a range that you think a team will end up winning by in that game.  Picking a game to be won by a specific team in a specific range will offer some strong odds, and you can also find some good angles on teams who are playing each other in a rivalry game to help out with this bet here.  There are a ton of game props offered on the board for both NBA and NFL games, so don’t overlook these options when you are getting set to place your bets.

Player Props

When it comes to player props, you are just betting on one player, or one player up against another player.  Things that you will have the option to bet on here include taking a players over/under on the total number of points they will have, or even the total number of points+rebounds+assists that they will have.  If you are putting one player up against another, then there will be a line on the number of points, rebounds, or assists that they will have.  It can also combine the three stats as well in order to make a bet with one player against another to see what the total number of points, assists, and boards they can get is.  Player props are definitely a fan favorite, because it gives them something additional to root for on top of the actual outcome of the game itself!

Money Line Bet

You’ll find that betting on the money line is really only a good option when you have a line that is pretty low for the favorite and you can get good odds to bet them straight.  The best time to bet on the money line though is when you are betting on the underdog, and this is the angle that you should be searching for.  The odds will pay out well, and if you can find one or two underdogs a night that can pull off a nice small upset then it will be worth your while.  Don’t expect underdogs to always get the job done, but always do the research in an attempt to find them.