NFL Betting Tips: Teams Rebounding After Losses, Declining After Wins

There is never a perfect science to any type of sports betting out there, but there are always some interesting angles that you should look into.  What I mean by no perfect science, is that even if you feel that you have an angle that is almost unbeatable, there will almost always be a time that you find that angle being beaten, and a team ending up covering a point spread that you thought they had no chance at covering, and vice-versa.  Today though, we are going to look at an interesting NFL betting strategy that relates to teams coming off of big wins and also teams coming off of tough losses.  The interesting factor here though, is that we are going to look at the angle with BOTH situations in different ways, and looking into how we think the teams will respond after the big wins or tough losses.

Big Wins

First off, it’s important to note that when watching the NFL you’ll see that big time road wins actually happen much more often than you probably imagine.  With that being said, the aftermath of these games depends on quite a few things.  For starters, if the team is well-coached and has a strong quarterback that can keep the team focused moving forward, then winning a big win on the road may not affect their next game at all.  On the other side of things though, if the team celebrates the game like they just won the Super Bowl and is an inexperienced team overall, their next game could turn into a tough loss against a wide range of teams, including the lower tier teams in the league as well.  Look for this angle when placing your bets, but make sure to research both sides of the bet before finalizing anything!

Tough Losses

A team who loses a game that they are expected to win is likely to bounce back with a huge victory right?  Not so fast.  We’ve heard the horror stories the past few seasons in the NFL about teams who start off with a record such as 0-3 or even 0-4, and their season just completely starting off backwards.  This all starts with one of those tough losses in a game that either they were expected to win, or one that they were going into that had big expectations such as a rivalry game.  It’s all about knowing what to look for in a team to bounce back, obviously every team is going to say that they take the games one at a time and aren’t focused on last week, but find a team that REALLY is focused on next week.  This will typically include teams that have a track record of turning it around quickly, and also winning games that they MUST win (even if it isn’t necessarily a must-win situation for something like the playoffs).  This is just a starting point for looking at teams after their tough losses, but watching teams who are projected to finish at 4-12 lose a tough game, can’t exactly be expected to bounce back with a big win!