Riding Momentum in MLB Postseason Betting

Riding Momentum in MLB Postseason BettingBetting on the postseason in Major League Baseball can be a tough task for any bettor out there, but there are definitely some tips that you should pay attention to before placing your bets down.  One of these bits of strategy that you can use, is to watch out for the teams who are riding momentum, or are simply playing excellent baseball consistently heading into the postseason.  Often times, the sports betting odds are going to reflect these types of momentum or hot streaks in baseball, but you may still be able to get some good bets down on a team who is a bit of an underdog against a talented team who just has a whole lot of hype around them.  Today we are going to get into some betting tips and strategy behind betting on the postseason in the MLB, and also look at the types of momentum that you should take advantage of.

Think back to some big postseason wins for teams, with the first one being the time that the Red Sox came back from being down 3-0 against the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series, and then went on to win 8 straight games to win the ALCS, and also to win the World Series that year.  Playing teams who have momentum going into big series can be a great angle, and it can also be an angle that simply outdoes any other sports betting angle that you are looking to use when betting.

While this is a great strategy to go by, I’d say that you should still look into some other angles just to make sure that you are getting the best possible bet that you can.  There will indeed be times that you may want to ride a team just because of the fact that they are hot at that time, but that shouldn’t be your angle EVERY time.  Be sure to still use other angles such as things relating to specific pitchers, home field advantage, or other angles that you’ve used in the past for postseason MLB betting.

Another angle that sports bettors will often use when betting is watching teams who are playing well going into the postseason to bet on them to win their opening round series.  Betting on a team to win a series or multiple series can have pretty good odds attached to it.  With that being said, if you can get your bet down on this after a team has clinched their postseason berth, then you could potentially be looking at a very good spot going into the opening week of postseason baseball.

Remember to be sure to keep your bet sizing consistent with the size of your bankroll, as you never want to over bet on any one bet, even if it is on postseason baseball and you really love the bet.  Rank your bets based on your favorites to least favorites, and only stick with betting on your favorites through each playoff game!