Should You Bet on Preseason NFL Games?

Should You Bet on Preseason NFL Games?One of the tougher decisions to make in sports betting on the NFL, is whether or not we should bet on the preseason.  The reason for this is because the excitement surrounding the coming of football is a feeling unlike any other, but it’s one that features a tough decision of whether you should get bets down on those teams (and players) that you really know nothing about.  Today we are going to look at the question of whether or not you should actually be betting on the NFL preseason, or whether or not you should wait until the regular season to get your bets underway.  Also, we will give some tips for if you DO decide to bet on the preseason as well!

Learning What to Expect From Teams

When betting the NFL’s preseason, you’ll find that right off the bat teams are going to approach things quite a bit differently.  Some teams are going to go all out in an attempt to win (even with back up players), while other teams are simply trying to find players who are going to make the roster and avoid losing any players to injuries.  Obviously it’s important to make sure that you aren’t betting big on teams who are focused on learning what younger players on the team have.  Instead, focus on the teams who are looking to actually win the game, even when their second or third string players are in the game.  This is probably the best way to be profitable when betting on preseason NFL games.

Watching Line Movements

Bookmark your favorite online sports betting site, because you’ll find that when the NFL’s preseason lines are released, they are going to move around a LOT.  Many people read quite a few different things about teams in the preseason, so you’ll find that the odds and lines are going to move around due to people betting heavily on one side or the other.  If you see one line start to move drastically towards one team, it may be a good idea to find out what the angle is and potentially get a bet down on that team, because it could be a can’t-miss sports betting line.

Waiting a Week

I can’t stress enough how strong of an idea it could be to simply wait a week before betting on the NFL’s preseason.  You are going to learn a lot in that one week, and it could go a long way towards being a profitable bettor on the preseason.  Look for things like how the back-up’s play specifically, because finding a team that has a good strategy behind playing with their second and third stringers can point to a team that may potentially end up going undefeated through the preseason, which can result in you making some good money from betting on them over the four week span leading up to the NFL’s regular season kickoff!