College Sports Betting Sites

Fans of college sports can find online betting opportunities quite easily at a number of sportsbooks. Those wishing to bet on college sports may have to search more intensively in order to find good betting sites. This is due in large part to US gaming regulations. Thanks to institutions like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, also known as the UIGEA, betting sites are often tightly restricted in the US. As such, there are only a few legitimate online sportsbooks operating in the US, which causes many American betters to turn to European sites.

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By far, the United States has the largest college sports system. As such, betting on college sports is much less common in other areas of the globe. Many European betting sites simply do not have the demand to offer betting on American college sports. Additionally, the UIGEA often makes transferring funds to an overseas betting site problematic, which means that even fewer American are able to access these European sportsbooks. Considering all the restrictions that apply to US betters, finding a betting site that covers college sports can be difficult, especially in the case of American football, which has a much smaller following overseas.

Finding College Betting Sites

If you live in Europe, the process for finding a college betting site should be relatively simple. If you are a US better, the process will be more difficult. However, if you are persistent, you may very well find a suitable sportsbook. To do so, you will need to keep the following requirements in mind.

Make sure to pick a reputable betting site. Extensive online research and talking with fellow betting enthusiasts can help you to find a safe, trustworthy betting site. Choose a sportsbook at which you can legally bet. The best way to do this is to find a betting site based in the US, but this may or not be available. Check your prospective site’s help or FAQ section to find out whether or not they accept US betters. Finally, you must find a betting site that offers betting on college sports. This probably means that you will need to use a site with a large enough user-base to support college betting. This is especially true with a European sportsbook, which will have many more users betting on professional sports, especially soccer. Finding sites that support American college sports other than NCAA football and basketball will likely be difficult.

Finding suitable college betting sites can be a difficult process, especially for US-based betters, who are subject to many online gaming restrictions. However, thorough research may help you locate a site that works for you. Again, remember to make sure any college betting sites you find are reputable and legal before you make a deposit and start betting.