Sunday Online Poker Tournament Strategy Tips

Sundays is the most popular day for online poker tournaments. All the best poker sites offers large tournaments with big guaranteed prize sums, thus Sundays are the days to hit final table.

Most poker tournaments can be very overwhelming when you have the necessary tips to play. Several common mistakes can make you lose money easily. However, you can avoid these mistakes by following some easy tips. You will earn more real money and make your gaming experience fun and fulfilling.

Some common mistakes that you can make in a poker tournament are:

• Losing in the early stages
• Loosening up in the middle
• Playing less aggressively when playing hand.
• Raising too big during the late steps.
You can apply the relevant tips to secure unlimited wins on your wager. 

Be Tight in the Early Stages

In the beginning, you have many chips that can help you when they are available. Wasting them early is a guarantee to lose. It would be best to spew your chips to weak hands since they are your winning stakes. Most beginners will play with many hands in the first stage, making many mistakes and losing quickly. 
At the early stage, the play uses more than 100 big blinds that should not lure you into wasting your chips. It would help to call a pre-flop raise when you have hands going for seven-six. It is the best investment at the early stage, bringing you close to winning. When you use the seven-six, you won’t hit any big hand like two pair that will justify your flop calling. 
Some beginners end up to play a weak hand even after a flop due to inexperience. You can hit a massive second-best hand, making you lose many chips at the beginning stage. You need to have cards like:

1. Big Pairs

You can hit an overpair to help get a second or third pair. These can easily be discarded with no effect on your stake. 

2. Ace King/Ace Queen

You can hit a top pair. When you even hit nothing, you have a guarantee of being an excellent kicker. 

3. Medium and Small Pairs

You can hit a set. If you don’t, you will remain with a weak hand. 

Get More Aggressive After the First Stage

Most tournaments will introduce antes just after the first stage. You will have to make a bet in the pot before any hand immediately without hesitation. Start widening your range and work on playing looser before the flop. You can win more chips with antes enhancing your stacks. 
At the same time, it would help to be aggressive in getting more pots by stealing them. Consider your cards, table position, and how the other players following you are playing. Being late and entering your spot before anyone else enhances your chances of stealing more pots with some very weak holdings. This will happen more if the players following are tight. The higher the blinds here, the less you should play tight. This is possible by playing fast in the first stage, being stable, and having a deep stack. 
If you had accumulated 100 big blinds as your stacks, it would be best to continue folding up to an hour. You will not give away your chips. You will get blinded in an hour of play when you only have 15 big blinds as stack and antes. 
When this happens, loosen up a bit and get more aggressive in later stages. 

Practice Aggressiveness Always

You have to be aggressive at any stage of a tournament. This means you have to do the following:
• Raise without limping
• Re-raising without calling
• Betting without checking the flop
Poker must be aggressive because a player who seeks to call can only win when they have the best hand. However, the player who bets wins with the best hand, or their opponents fold easily.
Do not spew your chips anyhow in the name of playing aggressively. Playing aggressively means when you decide to play, say hand, do it aggressively. Betting allows you to dictate the player to shape the flop, the other for a turn, and the river. 
Ensure you can manage one tournament without a call. You will yield a better experience and earn more. 

Bet Small with the Big Chips

It is a huge mistake to raise with huge stacks at the end stages of the tournament. Unfortunately, these mistakes are common even with amateur players. Your pen should adapt to the stage you are playing on. 
Playing on the last stages requires you to raise slightly more enhanced than the minimum raise. Stealing and re-stealing blind on the late stage is essential since your cards are weak. You have to keep your stack healthy at all times. Do not put in forty percent of your stack on the flop as it is common with several players. 

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