Super Bowl 2022 Betting Tips

The Super Bowl is the largest annual event in the United States with more than 150 million people watching to see the top two teams in the NFL battle it out on the big stage. The 56th Super Bowl is now only a few days away, and it will feature the Cincinnati Bengals facing off against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Bengals are looking to win their first championship in franchise history. The last time they made it this far was 1988 when they lost by four points to the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams are hoping to win the franchise’s first Super Bowl in the city of Los Angeles. The team’s only Super Bowl title came in 1999 when the Rams played in St. Louis. With so much on the line for both teams, this is surely going to be an epic game.

While watching the Super Bowl is always guaranteed to be a good time, you can make the action a little more exciting by placing a few bets on the game. Some of the most popular bets during the Super Bowl are the wild prop bets that are not offered for any other game. These bets include predicting the result of the coin toss, length of the National Anthem and the color of Gatorade used to douse the winning coach. These bets may be fun, but there is no strategy to picking the right answer. This is why they should be avoided by serious bettors.

You will have much better chance of making a profit when placing bets that requires critical thinking and knowledge of the game. Do not waste your money on bets that are literal coin flips. The first area where you should focus your energy is determining the winner of the game. The Rams are currently 4.5 points favorites entering the beginning of the weekend. This line is unlikely to significantly change by Sunday.

This has all the makings of a close game between two evenly matched teams. The Bengals and Rams have both won their last two playoff games by only three points. The Rams have the benefit of playing in their home stadium, but this will likely not have much impact on the game. Bengals fans have been waiting more than 30 years for this game, so they will have no problem getting on a plane to California. The fans in Los Angeles are also too fickle to provide a real home-field advantage. This was proven when they were outnumbered by San Francisco fans two weeks ago.

Betting Tips:

All of this makes it look like the trend of close games will continue on Sunday night. Getting 4.5 points in a tight matchup is a blessing, so a spread bet on the Cincinnati Bengals looks like a great bet. If you really believe in the underdogs, then you place a money line wager on the Bengals. A $10 bet will payout $27 with the current odds.

You can also find some value betting on the point total, which is currently sitting at 48.5 points. While both teams have exciting offenses, they have been carried to the Super Bowl by their defenses. They both gave up less than 20 points in two of their playoff victories. Cincinnati also completely shut down the Kansas City Chiefs for an entire half after spotting them 21 points. There will surely be some explosive plays, but this has all the makings of a defensive battle. It is hard to see either team scoring more than 24 points, so betting the under looks like a solid choice.