Teaser Betting: When to Bet Teasers in the NFL and NBA

Good old teaser betting.  Many sports bettors love using teasers, and other sports bettors will simply avoid this type of bet all together.  Regardless of your feel on this topic, I can tell you that many times teaser betting can be an excellent online sports betting option for NFL bettors and NBA bettors.  Today, we are going to take a look at a few different times when you should get a teaser bet in on a few teams, and also how teasers work exactly as well!

How Teasers Work

For starters, teasers can be bet on sports that have spreads on them that move.  So this is why we were talking above about the NFL and the NBA, because these two sports have lines that can move a ton.  For the NFL, if you place a teaser, most online betting sites will allow you do either a 6, 6.5, or 7 point teaser.  As far as the NBA games, you can do either a 4, 4.5, or 5 point teaser.  Many online betting sites will do things a bit differently though, as they will also offer larger teasers like eight or ten point.  What these numbers mean, is that if you have an NFL match-up, and you are interested in betting on the team who is +2, but want to get a few more points, then you can do a 6 point teaser and it will then become +8.  This is obviously a great way to give yourself some extra room on your bet, but you have to remember that the odds are definitely affected by this.

Typically a two team, 6 point NFL teaser will give odds of around 7 to 5, but it will depend on the specific betting site.  Before placing the bet though, just check the odds to make sure it is a bet that you want to make!

Knowing When to Bet Teasers

This part is pretty crucial here.  You should definitely know when it is a good time to put out a teaser bet, and the first thing to remember is to be sure that you love the bet!  Never just settle for a bet in a teaser, because ALL of your single bets inside of a big teaser need to hit in order for you to win.  On top of that though, it’s important to see if taking these points will really help your bet a lot.  So if you have a team who is +7 in the NFL and you do a 6 point teaser, the move to +13 won’t accomplish as much as you’d like.  In this spot you would be much better to move to the 7 point teaser and get that line to +14.  Going from a one touchdown underdog to a two touchdown underdog is a huge move in the NFL.

It’s also important to remember to look at the favorites as well, because if you can get a favorite who is -10, and you can do a 7 point teaser to make them -3, that is definitely a big difference, especially for a team who is a huge favorite.