Using Early Preseason for Late Preseason NFL Betting

Using Early Preseason for Late Preseason NFL BettingWhen betting on the NFL, there is quite a bit of strategy that you can use for many different bets.  One betting type that we are going to look at today is the preseason NFL betting option, and what types of angles that you should look for before placing your bets.  While betting the early preseason in the NFL can be tough, if you simply sit back and watch the first week or two of the preseason, you can get some valuable information for betting the final two weeks.  Today we are going to go more in-depth with this for sports bettors, and explain what types of spots to look for, and also the standard way that the NFL’s preseason is going to go.

NFL Preseason Week 3

Week 3 of the NFL’s preseason is when you are likely to get the most realistic look at what you can expect from NFL teams in the upcoming season.  The main reason for this is because this is when teams will use their starting teams, and you’ll be able to tell which teams are prepared for the season and are poised to make that push throughout the season.  With that being said, it’s also a time when you can get some good bets down on teams who are likely to be playoff teams, if they simply aren’t getting enough love from the online sports betting sites to knock off an overrated opponent.

Watching Back-Up’s

Like it or not, a big part of betting on the NFL’s preseason is betting on the back-up’s.  The starters simply aren’t going to get a ton of run except for in week 3 of the preseason, and this means that you have to pay strong attention to teams who have solid back-up’s.  Keep an eye on how specific team’s second and third string quarterbacks do, as well as their running backs also.  In terms of defense, it’s all about seeing those teams who are beating their opponents by big margins like 31-3 and such during the early weeks of the preseason.  These can be great bets for later, mainly because you are seeing how strong these team’s defenses are.

Position Battles

This is one of the most understated betting angles for the NFL Preseason.  Often times there are going to battles at key positions that will go late into the preseason, and both players are going to be fighting to show that they should be starting for that team.  The biggest position is obviously at quarterback, because if you have two players who are looking to prove that they can start, and the starting spot is still open, then you are likely going to see both of these quarterbacks airing the ball out quite a bit.  On the other side of things though, if all the spots are locked in, and the third stringer is in there just for reps, then you may want to look away from this team, especially if their opponent is looking finalize roster spots still.