Using Information From Previous Games to Help With Betting

An interesting betting strategy that many people overlook is the option to use information that you may not think about from a team’s past game or two.  While you can go online and get information about how well an NFL team does against the run to help with football betting, one thing that you may not be able to read up on is how well that team played after a player fully recovered from an injury for example. While this is just one random thing that you can think about, today we are going to look at a few different types of information that you may overlook in sports betting to help you consistently bring in some money!

Defensive Changes in NFL

One thing that many people may overlook is the types of changes that defenses will make in the NFL.  It could be something as simple as an early season decision to change an outside linebacker to a middle linebacker, or to move a cornerback from covering the number two receiver to the number one receiver. These types of things aren’t typically talked about very often, so they may be overlooked, but if you can find how different a team played when this change was made during their past game, or even their past two games, then you could have an excellent bet on your hands.  You’re going to have to look a bit for this information, or simply keep an eye out for it while you are watching the game!

Position Changes in Soccer

A change for a popular player on a well-known soccer team could very well be advertised in a big way, but that doesn’t mean that people could potentially overlook the affect that it has on the team. It could actually be both positive or negative, because if you are moving a player who is key at their position to another spot, then you are obviously trying out someone else at their old position, which could potentially lead to an up and down game or two. What we’re getting at here is that if you can find that a team is struggling to adjust to this major move, then betting against them could be right.  On the other side of things though if you see that they are instantly clicking because of this change and it’s what they need, then you are going to want to bet on them!

The situations that arise such as these above, are ones that can have major impacts on the games, but aren’t necessarily things that bookmakers are going to catch right off the bat.  Even if they do eventually jump on them, it could take a few hours, or even a game or two in order for them to realize it, so it’s important to see if you can take advantage of some strange odds or a weird line that are the results of this type of situation.