Using Quarterback’s Weaknesses in Your Betting Strategy

In terms of sports betting, betting on the NFL probably ranks as one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world, and a good bit of it has to do with the multiple different betting options that are available.  Not only will you have the option to bet on the standard options like point spread and over/under, but you can also bet on a ton of prop bets, and there are a ton of different angles to take into consideration with all of these bets.  One thing we are going to look at today is how a quarterbacks weaknesses can affect your entire betting strategy on many different levels.  We are going to cover how quarterbacks play in specific weather, how they do against different defenses, and much more.

Different Quarterbacks Talents in Different Weather

Often times, bettors will overlook the option to look at how the weather is going to be if an NFL game is played outdoors.  Not only can this affect betting options like the over/under, but it can affect the most important position on the football field, the quarterback.  You’ll find that a lot of times quarterbacks will struggle in rain, and will definitely struggle a bit more in rainy situations as well.  If you can find this type of information out, then it can be a great spot to look at betting on the under in the total number of yards or touchdowns that is set for that quarterback for the game.

Playing Against Top Secondaries

Most of the time you are going to find that the odds and lines are adjusted on quarterback yards and touchdowns based on how good a secondary is, but if you can find a line that is much higher than it should be, then definitely look into jumping on that.   Also though, pay attention to the injury wire, because if one of the stronger players on the opponents’ defense is out for the game then you could be getting a nice line that is quite a bit lower than what it should be, and could be another great betting option on the other side of things.  Just pay attention to all of the options in these situations that arise and look for the best bet!

Chances They’ll Be Throwing Late in Game

This is an interesting angle for sports bettors, and one that probably isn’t used as often as it should be.  If a team is down by a bunch in the fourth quarter then they will essentially be throwing the entire quarter against a prevent defense.  This is going to tack on a ton of passing yards to their total, and also boost up their stats quite a bit in general.  On the other side of things, if they are going to be blowing a team out, then in MOST situations, you’ll find that they will be running the ball except for on third downs or on a few random plays outside of that.