Looking for Home Field Advantages for Soccer Teams in Betting

I’d say that out of almost any sport out there, no one sport will be able to feel as much of a difference in terms of home field advantage as soccer will.  This game has crowds that get completely crazy, and players and teams who feed off of their crowds and the fact that they are on their home fields as well. This definitely affects things in terms of soccer betting as well, and today we are going to look at exactly how much home field advantage can affect sports betting, and also explain why it’s going to have such a big affect. On top of that, we will look at things that can help you gain an edge to find these angles and be able to take advantage of them before placing your bet as well!

Big Game Edge

Obviously there are going to come times in the different soccer leagues out there that there are massively large match-ups. Whether it is between two rivals, or simply two teams who are jockeying for the top spot in the league, these games are going to hyped up big time, and the players are going to be hyped up as well.  One thing worth pointing out though is how over the top the home crowd is going to be as well.  If you find a match-up where two teams are evenly matched, most soccer betting sites are going to typically put the home team as the favorite, as least by a little bit, in large part due to the ruckus home crowd and how supportive they are expecting these fans to be for their home team. Do a good bit of research, but if you want action on the game and it turns out to be pretty even, leaning the home team may not be a bad idea.

Record at Home

One of the FIRST things that you should look at for sports betting angles on soccer betting is how a team does on their home pitch.  If two teams are set to kick off a big game, but one team is incredibly strong on their home pitch, then you are looking at a team that you are going to want to research more deeply in order to see if it’s a strong bet.  This is a great place to start, and it’s something that’s easy to find as well.  For example, if you are researching the Barclay’s Premier League, and Liverpool and Arsenal are matching up and are pretty even, but Liverpool has won five straight at home, it may not be the best idea to instantly go against them unless you have a VERY strong angle to do so.  Look up the statistics and other angles to see what you can find out, and then make your final decision from that point!

Soccer betting can excellent, especially if you find the right angles, and using home field advantage is typically a great angle to look for.