The Best NFL Futures to Bet Right Now (Including a Jets Super Bowl)

As the NFL season progresses, futures betting offers a unique opportunity to wager on outcomes that will be decided months down the line. Whether you’re betting on Super Bowl champions, divisional winners, or player awards, futures can provide value and excitement throughout the season. Here are some of the most compelling NFL futures to consider right now, including a long-shot bet on the New York Jets clinching the Super Bowl.

1. Super Bowl Champions: Betting on the Underdogs and Favorites

The Favorites: As usual, teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are among the favorites. Betting on these teams now might offer lower returns but comes with a higher probability of success. Their proven track records and star quarterbacks make them safe bets.

The Long Shot – New York Jets: Surprisingly, the New York Jets have emerged as a dark horse in the futures market. Despite their historical struggles, a revitalized squad and strategic acquisitions have shown potential in early-season games. A bet on the Jets to win the Super Bowl could offer a significant payout, reflecting the high risk and potential for a high reward.

2. Division Winners: Safe Bets and Surprises

NFC West – Los Angeles Rams: After their recent Super Bowl win, the Rams are a strong bet to take the NFC West again. Their robust squad and strategic gameplay under coach Sean McVay make them a relatively safe bet.

AFC North – Cleveland Browns: The Browns have been building a competitive team over the past few seasons, and 2023 could be their year to clinch the AFC North. With a strong defense and a balanced offense, they are a solid choice for a divisional future bet.

3. MVP Award: Quarterbacks in the Lead

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs: Always a favorite in the MVP discussions, Mahomes continues to play at an elite level. His ability to change the course of games with his arm and his intelligence on the field makes him a top contender for the MVP award.

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson has consistently improved and is a dual-threat quarterback who can dominate on the ground and through the air. His unique skill set makes him a valuable MVP candidate, especially if he can lead the Ravens to a strong playoff run.

4. Offensive Rookie of the Year: New Talent Shining Through

Breece Hall, New York Jets: The running back from Iowa State has shown flashes of brilliance in the early games. If he continues to dominate the backfield, he could be a strong contender for the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Drake London, Atlanta Falcons: As a wide receiver with impressive catch radius and route-running ability, London could rack up significant yardage this season, making him a strong candidate for rookie honors.

5. Total Wins: Betting on Team Performances

Buffalo Bills – Over/Under 11.5 Wins: The Bills have been consistent performers in the AFC and are expected to continue their strong play. Betting on them to win over 11.5 games could be a wise choice given their track record and squad depth.

Houston Texans – Over/Under 4.5 Wins: Considered one of the weaker teams, betting on the Texans for over 4.5 wins could be risky but profitable if they manage to pull off a few upsets.


NFL futures betting allows fans to engage with the season dynamically, offering the potential for significant returns. From the high-risk, high-reward bet on the New York Jets winning the Super Bowl to more conservative bets like divisional winners or MVP candidates, there is a future bet for every type of fan. As always, consider the risks and do your research before placing any bets.